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Media Control Center
American University
Washington College of Law
4300 Nebraska Avenue, NW
Suite NT10L
Washington, DC 20016

Hours of Operation

M-Th 9:00 am - 9:00 pm,
Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm,
Sat-Sun: Upon Request Only
M-Th 9:00 am - 8:00 pm,
Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm,
Sat-Sun: Upon Request Only

Media Control Center (MCC) Policies

The Washington College of Law Audio/Visual department provides the following services:

  • Assistance with classroom AV equipment.
  • Video/audio taping of classes, including webcasting and podcasting.
  • Video project editing and consultation.

Procedures for audio/visual requests:

  • Only professors, or faculty assistants on behalf of professors, may request that classes be recorded.
  • All requests must be made through EMS or emailed to
  • Requests for weekday support must be made a minimum of (1) business day in advance.
  • Requests for weekend requests must be made by the Wednesday prior.
  • Note: Neither of the Student Lounges have built-in technology systems. We do not recommend using these spaces for events that require recording, unless all other venues are booked.

Please note: No equipment may leave the Washington College of Law. MCC does not provide assistance at outside locations. With sufficient notice (a minimum of (3) business days), we may be able to assist you in arranging video recording through a 3rd party vendor).

Types of Recordings:

  • Podcasts - Audio Only, posted to MyWCL class page by the Web Team after editing.
  • Webcasts - Audio and Video, a weblink will be emailed to you for you to post on your MyWCL page or for other distribution to your students.
  • Video - Class recorded to DVD and sent to the Library Circulation Desk, unless otherwise specified. DVDs can be held for pick-up, but DVDs held for longer than two weeks may be discarded.

* Please allow at least one business day for all podcasts and webcasts to be completed and processed. Additional processing may be needed for classes or events over three hours in duration.

Recording Storage and Retention:

  • Webcast links remain active for a year. If you would like them disabled sooner or enabled longer, please let us know.

  • Podcast are available within MyWCL course pages and may be removed by the professor or their assistants at their discretion. MCC will not remove these links.

  • DVDs of classes are held by the library at the circulation desk. All class recordings are held until the end of the semester.

Equipment and Other Services:

  • Microphones - A limited supply of microphones are available upon request. Microphones can only be used in rooms 100, 101, 401, 402, 503, 524, 601, 602, 603 and the student lounges. No more than 4 microphones are allowed per room, with the exception of 603, which can accommodate up to 10.

  • Podiums - Podiums (with or without a microphone) are available for use in the student lounges, dining room, the lobby and room 600. All other rooms should have a tabletop lectern available for use. If the lectern is missing, please contact the Facilities office for a replacement.

  • Plasma Carts - Two plasma carts are available for use in rooms without projection systems (like Room 600, the Dining Room and the Student Lounges). For use in the hallways or lobby permission must first be granted by the Facilities department.

  • PowerPoint - PowerPoint assistance is available upon request. Please note that you are responsible for whatever materials or PowerPoints you wish to show. Materials should be brought to the classroom on a flash drive or retrieved through email. MCC does not create PowerPoint presentations for classes or events.

  • Cameras/Tripods - While MCC has cameras and tripods, these are for recording classes in classrooms without built-in cameras. Schedule ahead with MCC for recording of classes and events in these smaller rooms.

  • Video Projects - MCC is able to provide assistance with the editing of video projects and clips before and after each semester. In-semester, MCC may be able to help with smaller projects, however resources may be more limited. Please prepare in advance as much detail as possible for these projects. Please allow at least (3) business days or more for the completion of these projects, depending on the size and scope of the project.

  • CD/DVD Duplication - MCC can create copies of CDs and DVDs for classes and events. Please provide a master copy of the CD or DVD to be copied along with the blank media. You are responsible for any labels or cases for these copies. Please allow at least (1) business day per 50 copies. While MCC checks as many copies as possible, please make sure your master copy is functional, and understand that some copies may be defective in larger batches. Blank and Master CDs must be CD-Rs and blank DVDs must be DVD+Rs, although master copies for DVDs can be DVD-Rs.


MCC does not lend out equipment. To borrow a digital video or still camera, please visit the Library which maintains a limited supply of small HD video cameras and still cameras for check out.

Whom To Contact:

Computer, Network or Login Issues, Software Training

MyWCL Problems/Questions

Air Conditioning, Heating, Lighting Issues, Conference Phones, or EMS Support