Summer Program Registration and Costs

  Summer Law Programs Abroad Specialized Summer Programs in D.C.


The standard program fee of $11,626 includes:

  • 6 tuition credits,
  • A $100 application fee,
  • housing,
  • reading materials,
  • health insurance (during the official dates of the program),
  • organized tours,
  • receptions, and
  • transportation to program activities.

Participants are responsible for the cost of all international travel, most meals, and commuting to and from classes (when applicable). Please see individual program websites for more information regarding costs associated with the program (note that the Geneva program is 4 tuition credits).

Academic Credit: Students applying for academic credit will be charged the standard $1,921 per credit hour. Total Specialized Summer Session costs will depend on number of credits taken. Please see individual program websites for a complete cost breakdown.

Non-Credit Certificate of Attendance or CLE Credit

Application fee = $65

Standard Rates:

  • 1 course: $1,200
  • 2 courses: $1,950
  • 3 courses: $2,700
  • 4 courses: $3,450
  • 5+ courses: an additional $300/course

Alumni and Non-Profit Rates:

  • 1 course: $900
  • 2 courses: $1,450
  • 3 courses: $2,000
  • 4 courses: $2,600
  • 5+ courses: an additional $300/course

Group Rates:

  • 10+ registrants: 15% discount
  • 6–9 registrants: 10% discount
  • 3–5 registrants: 5% discount

Small Law Firm Rates* :

2-3 Attorneys: 10% off standard rates

3 or more Attorneys: 15% off standard rates

*D.C. Firms of 25 or less Attorneys; discount not available for registrants who qualify for reduced alumni rates

For purposes of the discount, the definition of a small firm in the D.C. Market is any firm or D.C. office of a non-DC headquartered firm with less than 25 Attorneys. If there are interested attorneys from a non D.C. firm the market size definitions will adjust depending on the market. For instance, a New York City small firm would really be a firm of 50 or less Attorneys. A firm in Nebraska with 10 Attorneys would probably be a large firm, etc.


Please apply via the online applications at

Application for admission is on a rolling basis, but interested students are strongly encouraged to apply early, as the program may fill before the deadline. Please see individual program websites for specific application deadlines.

Visiting students must also supply a letter of good standing and permission by their Dean or Registrar for the application to be considered.

A refund is only available if the request if made before the start of the session. Cancellations after that time will not be refunded, however, seminar materials will be provided and access to podcasts, if available, will be provided. Substitutions will be considered. All inquiries should be directed to the respective program for consideration.

Current WCL JD & LL.M. students do not need to submit a separate application. Please enroll by emailing


Visiting law students who wish to receive academic credit must have a letter of good standing and permission to enroll from their home institution. Use the online "Visiting Student Application Form" to begin the process.


Participants choosing to enroll for Non-Credit Certificate of Attendance or CLE credit should complete the application form on the individual program websites.

NOTE: American University Washington College of Law is an accredited CLE provider for Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York and accreditation will be applied for with these states, together with any other states as requested.


The LL.M. programs in Advocacy, International Legal Studies, and Law & Government offer scholarships to incoming students who have taken courses in one of the WCL summer programs. Each program offers up to a half scholarship (12 credits) to qualifying students each semester. For more information about Summer Program Scholarship, visit

Financial Aid:

Financial Aid is available to current JD and LL.M. students who will be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits during the summer session. Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for financial aid. Please consult the financial aid office for specific information on applying for summer session financial aid.

Visiting students should consult their home school financial aid office for information on funding for a summer session.

Participants registering for Certificate of Attendance may be eligible for individual program scholarships. Please see individual program websites for more information on applying for scholarships. Unfortunately, federal financial aid is not available for participants applying for Certificate of Attendance or CLE credit.