Personal Counseling

WCL students are urged not to wait for small matters to become major issues before visiting the Office of Student Affairs. Whether familial, financial, academic, or otherwise, the dean of students assures a confidential and safe space in which students can come to figure out how to address matters affecting them. The dean of students will look to resolve issues directly in the first instance; if matters relate to other law school or University departments or require further professional assistance, he will let you know where you need to go.

Other resources for counseling assistance include the American University Counseling Center, which provides counseling services and, in emergency situations, referrals to off-campus counseling services; the Student Health Center, which has on staff a psychiatrist; and the D.C. Bar’s Lawyers Assistance Program, a free and confidential program assisting law students who experience problems that interfere with their personal lives.

Finally, students who feel they may be in or near crisis should consider the University's confidential Mental Health Self Quiz, or the About My Drinking and Other Drug Use screening tool provided by the Hazelden Legal Professionals Program. Students utilizing this quiz are encouraged to follow up in confidence with the WCL Office of Student Affairs, or the AU Counseling Center or Student Health Center.