Moot Court and Mock Trial Competition Participation Policy

Notwithstanding the Moot Court and Mock Trial Honor Societies' well-developed and comprehensive structure for engaging in national moot court and mock trial competitions (see and students, on their own or on behalf of a student organization may enter a competition which is not one of the competitions designated by the Honor Societies. All students in this group must notify both the Dean of Students and the appropriate Honor Society of their intention to enter a competition prior to their entering the competition. All students in this group must register for a competition on a for-credit basis only; there is not a no-credit option absent approval from the Dean of Students. Each student in this group must also meet the following requirements.

Requirements for Moot Court and Mock Trial Competition Participation

  1. Prior to or in the semester of the student's competition, take an advocacy course appropriate for the competition the student is entering. This will typically be an appellate advocacy course for moot court competitions or a trial advocacy course for mock trial competitions. In some cases (for example, "International Courts" for an international competition), a related course may be permitted. Students should confirm with the Dean of Students that they have taken or are enrolled in an appropriate advocacy course;
  2. Identify a faculty coach who will participate in all activities expected by the relevant competition, as well as all of the WCL requirements;
  3. Confirm a source of funding for registration, travel, and lodging for all possible rounds of a competition;
  4. Participate in at least 6 mooting sessions, each of which requires the signature of a judge mooting that session that documents that student's participation in the mooting session;
  5. Participate in 2 mooting sessions that are videotaped and reviewed by that student;
  6. Write the student's portion of the team brief and participate in completing the team brief, if applicable; and
  7. Attend and participate in all rounds of the competition until eliminated.