Request for Information from Students With Disabilities

Congratulations on your admission to the American University Washington College of Law (WCL). Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may need special accommodations to facilitate their study of the law. If you are such a student and have documentation of your disability, please complete the questionnaire below. You are not required to disclose a disability or request accommodations if you do not wish to do so.

It is WCL's desire to identify students with disabilities well before the exam period begins, in order to review information and documentation of the disability, determine appropriate accommodations, if any, and provide those accommodations in a timely fashion. It is also the law school's desire to urge students with disabilities to come forward at the start of their legal education to learn if they will receive accommodations. Among other factors, bar examiners consider accommodations during law school when determining whether to permit accommodations on the bar exam.

Students may seek accommodations throughout their time in law school. Your privacy will be protected. Upon receipt of this questionnaire, you will be contacted about the next steps in the process so that you may receive accommodations, if eligible. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or need more information. You may contact the Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Sarah Stanley, at 202-274-4031 or at