Disability Support

The Washington College of Law is committed to making all of its educational opportunities accessible to students with disabilities by providing them with reasonable accommodations. Accordingly, students are encouraged to notify the school of their disability as early as possible once enrolled as students at WCL. The notification and accommodation request process is confidential.

The Office of Student Affairs works closely with the Academic Support Center and Disability Support Services on main campus to coordinate a variety of services for students with disabilities. Services vary according to the type and level of impairment experienced by each student. To ensure that appropriate accommodations are received in a timely manner, students should follow the following general procedure in their request for accommodations:

  • Contact Kathy Schwartz at the Academic Support Center (for ADHD/learning disabilities) or Joanne Benica at Disability Support Services (other disabilities) to meet with them and discuss your request for accommodations. Students seeking accommodations will be asked to fill out paperwork and/or provide documentation of their disability. For more information on guidelines for documentation of learning disabilities, please check HERE; for more information on guidelines for documentation of other disabilities, please check HERE.
  • ASC or DSS will recommend a plan of accommodation based on evaluation of documentation provided and discussion with students. The recommended accommodations will be forwarded to Myra Wilder, Assistant Director of Student Affairs, at the Office of Student Affairs, who is responsible for implementing accommodations for law students with disabilities.
  • Contact Anita Padmanabhan at the Office of Student Affairs to meet with her and discuss your recommended accommodations and policies for the implementation of accommodations.

The Office of Student Affairs handles the implementation of accommodations for all law classes and the administration of exams for all law students with disabilities. All accommodations will be implemented in a manner that seeks to assure confidentiality. Students with disabilities are expected to comply fully with all examination policies.