Leave of Absence

Upon approval of the dean of students, a student who has completed at least one full semester and is in good standing may obtain a leave of absence from the law school for a stated period of time. Students on leave are not required to maintain continuous registration; however, a student who fails to observe the terms and conditions of the leave granted must file an application for readmission to the law school with the admissions committee. Moreover, the law school follows a five-year rule under which any credits earned more than five years prior to being readmitted will not be credited toward degree requirements, and the student will be required to replace these disallowed credits after readmission. All credits earned in required courses that are disallowed because of the application of this rule can only be replaced by repeating the same required courses in which the credits are disallowed.

Students are encouraged to meet with the dean of students and with a member of the Office of Financial Aid (if applicable) prior to requesting a leave of absence.

Students requesting a leave of absence should complete the Administrative Approval Form.