Legal Spanish Programs

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¿Hablas español pero se te dificulta hablar de temas jurídicos en español?

Ésta es tu oportunidad para mejorar tu comunicación en el idioma. Inscríbete en uno de los cursos de Español Jurídico en American University Washington College of Law. Estos cursos sobre derecho penal e inmigratorio te permitirán potenciar tus conocimientos idiomáticos, lo que favorecerá tu comunicación efectiva con abogados y clientes de habla hispana.

General Overview

The Legal Spanish Programs at American University Washington College of Law introduce lawyers, legal professionals, and law students with a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish speaking skills to legal Spanish concepts and cross-cultural communication in the context of U.S. Criminal Law and U.S. Immigration Law. Through lectures, written assignments, and oral exercises, participants will practice a wide array of legal Spanish skills ranging from legal reading and writing strategies to oral presentation of substantive legal issues. The programs will be taught in Spanish.

Listening and Speaking Skills

With the aim of preparing participants for real world situations such as client meetings and conference calls, the Legal Spanish Programs incorporate exercises that focus on listening and speaking skills. Participants will give presentations and will engage in discussions and attorney-client meeting simulations.


Participants must be practicing lawyers, legal professionals, or law students with a high-intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency. Participants are expected to actively participate in class exercises and complete homework assignments.


The instructors of the Legal Spanish Programs are Spanish and Latin American lawyers and teachers who have experience with international students.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Director, Catherine Schenker, at (202) 274-4314 or

Legal Spanish Program
Washington College of Law, Room 345
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