S.J.D. Community

S.J.D. Candidates from 18 law schools around the United States at the 2016 National S.J.D. Roundtable.

S.J.D. candidates at American University Washington College of Law are a vital part of our academic community. Candidates attend the faculty speaker series, serve on panels at conferences, take part in the Mid-Atlantic S.J.D. Roundtable, and are integrated into our learning environment.

Current S.J.D. Candidates

The S.J.D. program takes pride in its diverse community of candidates and legal topics that candidates pursue. S.J.D. candidates represent a distinct intellectual community from both the U.S. and abroad. Biographical information for some of our candidates is available below:

S.J.D Program Alumni

The S.J.D. program proudly recognizes its illustrious alumni, including: