Challenges of International Accountability: Lessons from Independent Accountability Mechanisms
June 24, 2011
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
American University Washington College of Law
4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,
Room 603

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The objective of the Symposium is to exchange ideas and best practices on the accountability of international institutions involved in the work of sustainable development. The Symposium will provide an opportunity to learn about, and reflect critically upon, the experiences of independent international accountability mechanisms (IAMs) at international financial institutions (IFIs) around the world. These IAMs offer an independent forum for affected citizens and communities to hold IFIs accountable to comply with their own policies and procedures designed to avoid harm to people and the environment as a result of IFI-financed operations, and to support development effectiveness in IFI operations. The Symposium will consider the body of work of these IAMs, address questions at the cutting edge of international accountability, and consider opportunities for transferring lessons to other organizations, including in the private sector. Participants will include members of the IAMs and other speakers and participants from the financial, development and academic communities.

The Symposium will also include an "IAM Market Place", which is co-hosted by the Compliance Review Mechanism of the Asian Development Bank. This Market Place is an informal gathering during which the different IAMs will provide information about their mechanisms. Participants will have an opportunity for informal, individual dialogue amongst themselves and with members of the IAMs to learn more about this ongoing international accountability work. The marketplace will take place in the area immediately adjacent to the main hall of the Symposium

As part of the Marketplace, there will be a comparative presentation and description of the various IAMs; and making remarks about the comparative features, strengths and weaknesses of IAMs. Breakfast will be served during the IAM marketplace.



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