SECLE Materials

The First National Conference of Lawyers Committed to Addressing the Climate Emergency

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Program Cover Portrait.pdf14316165
Sponsor Page.pdf1654231
Tab 1.Agenda.pdf277516
Tab 10 Carbon Tax Conservative Answer.pdf1544977
Tab 11 Millennials and a new conservatism.pdf794028
Tab 12 Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax.pdf1984429
Tab 13 The Kids Can't Wait.pdf143560
Tab 14 Hansen Declaration.pdf1450216
Tab 15 Juliana v. United States .pdf484755
Tab 16 CC Litigation Beyond NA .pdf2690013
Tab 17 Limiting Dangerous Climate Change .pdf5491475
Tab 18 Environmental Justice in the CPP.pdf2977077
Tab 19 Climate Change Health and Enviro Justice.pdf1271632
Tab 2 Bios.pdf9755421
Tab 20 Tack 4 Environmental Racism.pdf1910636
Tab 20 The (civil rights) Fight for Climate Change.pdf732315
Tab 21 Environmental Justice Leaders in Trump Era.pdf3976334
Tab 22 Earth Day Is Too White.pdf2282016
Tab 23 Making the Paris Agreement Work.pdf645593
Tab 24 Creating Legal Pathways.pdf682176
Tab 25 Sustainability in Law Practice.pdf576615
Tab 26 Oregon State Bar.pdf238784
Tab 27 FNYC Bar Emerging Role For Attorneys in Driving CC Action.pdf773812
Tab 3 Assessing Dangerous Climate Change.pdf21564956
Tab 4 Corporate America is Stepping Up.pdf200300
Tab 5 Cal. Air 2017 Scoping Update Link.pdf.pdf58951
Tab 6 State Leadership Driving the Shift to Clean Energy1.pdf1041761
Tab 7 State Innovation on CC.pdf208017
Tab 8 Unmasking Deceit over CC.pdf1669324
Tab 9 Nixon China Trump CC.pdf1309569
Table of contents (2).pdf75006