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Forensic Evidence Torture

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TAB 10.Expert evaluation. Vieira and Thomsen version a.pdf120497
TAB 11.Translation of first forensic report.pdf151802
TAB 12.Translation of preliminary tripartite forensic report.pdf87763
TAB 13.Medical Physical Examination of Alleged Torture Victims.pdf530653
TAB 14.Psychological Evaluation of Torture Allegations.pdf481440
TAB 15.Shedding light on a dark practice.pdf3862156
TAB 16.ManualGoodPract.pdf153613
TAB 17.List of Publication MJ.pdf97165
TAB 18.ESCR and Torture.pdf64308
TAB 19.Joint CSO Report to UPR.pdf123863
TAB 1A.FEAT conference programme.pdf156686
TAB 1B.02 15 and 02 16 12 Forensic Evidence agenda (current version).pdf221348
TAB 2.Bios.pdf231079
TAB 20.List and text of recent publications, Pierre Duterte.pdf152387
TAB 21.R (Evans) v SS Defence Approved Open Judgment.pdf517079
TAB 22.IRCT witness statement Jan12 signed.pdf1048265
TAB 24.20110707 Judgment of the Grand Chamber - Al-Skeini.pdf605747
TAB 25.Involvement of Medical Professionals.pdf1104387
TAB 26.Petition.Israeli High Court of Justice.pdf438733
TAB 27.Accountability Denied.pdf685128
TAB 29.Romper el Miedo.Tortura y Resistencia.pdf3484604
TAB 3.Istanbul Protocol.pdf1039498
TAB 30.La Lucha por la Imparcialidad en la Investigación y Documentación de la Tortura Experiencias.pdf94652
TAB 31.Torture Journal.pdf422341
TAB 32.Informe Impunidad 2000-2009.pdf543794
TAB 33.Informe sobre la practica de la tortura en Venezuela.pdf1381145
TAB 34.Consulta sobre Ley contra la Tortura 10 - 12 - 08.pdf328102
TAB 35.Inter-American Court of Human Rights Case of Gutiérrez-Soler v. Colombia.pdf616296
TAB 36.Inter-American Court Of Human Rights, Case Of Vera Vera V. Ecuador.pdf568896
TAB 37.Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Case of Cabrera Garcia and Montiel Flores.pdf1347826
TAB 38.Parallel Report.GermanyCAT.47thsession.pdf274210
TAB 39.Consideration of reports submitted by States parties under article 19 of the Convention.Concluding Report.pdf106687
TAB 4. Shedding Light on a Dark Practice.pdf3862156
TAB 40.Literature.Mechthild Wenk-Ansohn.pdf64574
TAB 41.PHR Asylum Network grant rates journal article.pdf163622
TAB 42.Recommended material Washington 2012.pdf8711
TAB 43.Romagoza Arce et al.pdf27717
TAB 44.Istanbul Protocol Training Programme in Turkey. Enhancing the Knowledge Level of Non-Forensic Expert Physicians, Judges and Prosecutors.pdf50716
TAB 45.FEAT Journal Report v16.1.2012.pdf61292
TAB 46.RA 9745 Anti-Torture Act.pdf139833
TAB 47.Criminal Justice System.Phillipines.pdf2238371
TAB 48.Ultrastructural Changes of Dendritic Cells in Wound Healing.pdf927474
TAB 49.Morphological Characteristics of Tissue Damages at Electric Injury.pdf150744
TAB 5.Velasquez Rodriguez (Intl Law Stories).pdf10825514
TAB 50.Independent forensic medical services in Georgia.pdf48262
TAB 51.WMA Declaration of Hamburg.pdf41176
TAB 52.WMA Declaration of Tokyo.pdf40787
TAB 53.Independent Study on Best Practices in Combating Impunity.pdf121578
TAB 54.Updated principles on combating impunity.pdf64732
TAB 55.A practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol . for lawyers (in English.French.Spanish).pdf641402
TAB 56.A practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for lawyers (in French).pdf700203
TAB 57.A practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for lawyers (in Spanish).pdf688365
TAB 58.A practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for medical doctors (in English).pdf530653
TAB 59.A practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for medical doctors (in French).pdf551080
TAB 6.The Equality and Human Rights Commission and Al Bazzouni Approved Judgment.pdf268742
TAB 60.A practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for medical doctors (in Spanish).pdf546410
TAB 61.practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for psychologists (in English).pdf481440
TAB 62.practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for psychologists (in French).pdf486117
TAB 63.practical guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for psychologists (in Spanish).pdf504398
TAB 64. Istanbul Protocol.English.pdf1052489
TAB 65.Istanbul Protocol – French.pdf3836352
TAB 66.Istanbul Protocol – Spanish.pdf1193065
TAB 67.Torture Journal.Vol 20, 3, 2010.Desk Study..pdf643006
TAB 68.volume-20--no.-3--2010.pdf69732
TAB 69.FEAT-newsletter-vol1.pdf1325451
TAB 7.Statement-on-hooding-3-2011.pdf55656
TAB 70.FEAT-newsletter-vol2.pdf731916
TAB 71.IRCT Annual Report 2010.pdf1866107
TAB 72.IRCT Strategy 2010-2014-web.pdf697733
TAB 73.Operational-Manual-English.pdf536444
TAB 74.Operational-Manual-French.pdf591554
TAB 75.Operational-Manual-Spanish.pdf567222
TAB 76.Cases flyer.pdf992006
TAB 77.UNCAT Project Brochure.pdf711758
TAB 78.UNCAT Project Article.pdf131448
TAB 79.IRCTWashington2012.pdf119713
TAB 8.BMI Report - Part XVIII.pdf710963
TAB 80.civil participation Pham.pdf188163
TAB 81.Victim Support at ECCC 16 Feb 2012.pdf1510835
TAB 82.Session 15.20-bone scintigraphy.pdf512088
TAB 83.Session 15.4-demonstration control agents.pdf543046
TAB 84.Lecture plan 2011-tromso üniversitesi.pdf141113
TAB 85.BICI Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry.pdf46068
TAB 86.Bahrain, Targets of Retribution.pdf1282679
TAB 87.bahrain-do-no-harm-2011.pdf2863703
TAB 9.Pathology Report on the death of Baha Mousa.pdf1549697
Table of contents.doc64000