SECLE Materials

30th Anniversary of International Legal Studies Program

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Table of contents .pdf36151
TAB 01.Agenda.pdf132640
TAB 02.Bios.pdf1413004
TAB 03.Are We Making Progress in Maternal Mortality.pdf453979
TAB 04.Dispute on the past and future of international law.pdf1954155
TAB 05.Statement by UNCAT Chair to UNGA - Oct 2011.pdf52191
TAB 06.Statement of Specil Rapporteur on Torture on mandate - March2010.pdf46397
TAB 07.Report of the Special Rapporteur on Torture etc Jan2012.pdf238385
TAB 08.Interim Report of the Special Rapporteur on torture - 08 09 12.pdf113357
TAB 09.SAJHRArticle.pdf313335
TAB 10.Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia.pdf39550
TAB 11.A WTO Agreement on investment, a solution in search of a problem.pdf412516
TAB 12.Banding together.pdf292407
TAB 13.Implicit gender bias in the legal profession, an emperical study.pdf385988
TAB 14.Women Leaders in the Areas of Higher Education, the Legal Profession and Corporate Boards - Continued Challenges and Opportunities.pdf248398
TAB 15.Mexico's experience - Panel on Combating Bribery.pdf130242
TAB 16.11-10-12 Bribery Act complete handout.pdf1163462
TAB 17.PRC anti- bribery laws En 09-2012.pdf135932
TAB 18.Snyder Contract Reform.pdf183571
TAB 19.How Business Shapes Law - A Socio-Legal Framework.pdf206179
TAB 20.The emergence of global environmental law.pdf307618
TAB 21.ABA SEER 2011 Year in Review for Int'l Envtl Law.pdf245429
TAB 22.Need for Speed 1June2012 104pmEST.pdf818586
TAB 23.Building the World Community - Challenges for Legal Education.pdf474507
TAB 24.Race to the Finish Line - Legal educatoin, jobs and the stuff dreams are made of.pdf462924
TAB 25.Continuing Legal Education at WCL.pdf163868
TAB 26.2012. Fall. Publicity as at 10.05.12.pdf184182
TAB 27.Facts and Figures 2012.pdf350548
TAB 28.From the periphery to the center - The evolving WTO jurisprudence on transparency and good governance.pdf163457
TAB 29.WTO Introduction.pdf1178912
TAB 30.Creative Commons as Conversational Copyright.pdf901385
TAB 31.Intellectual Property and the development divide.pdf434718
TAB 32.Business, the International Rule of Law and Human Rights.pdf126413
TAB 33.Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration.pdf110142