Civil Rights Movement 2.0: Reshaping and Rethinking the Role of the Civil Rights Movement in the 21st Century

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Room 603

Recently, the country has seen a regression in many of the celebrated civil rights triumphs of the previous century in society and throughout our legal system. Moreover, hot button issues such as the Jena 6 imprisonment have reminded many who identify with the civil rights movement that despite the many successes that have come to fruition during the past century, there are still many battles that remain not won. At the recent Jena 6 protest, Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton discussed the need of a Civil Rights 2.0. The goal of this symposium is to explore what that statement means and to analyze the changing face of the civil rights movement. Given that it is almost 2008 and race politics still dominate society, is the way that we have thought about diversity and civil rights in the past even relevant anymore? What new strategies or approaches do we need to bring the focus back to ensure that all peoples within the borders of this country are guaranteed their civil rights and that diversity policies hold more of a top priority?

Sponsored by the Modern American Journal

Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff & General Public – no charge
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