2007 Founders' Celebration Events

2007 Founders' Brochure

  • January 16
    Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Commemoration
  • January 18
    Opportunities Day
  • January 20-21
    Alvina Reckman-Myers First Year Moot Court Competition
  • January 22
    Presentation by Justice Albie Sachs, South Africa Constitutional Court, on Enforcement of Social and Economic Rights
  • January 24
    A Tour of the Constitutional Court of South Africa with Justice Albie Sasch
  • January 25
    The WCL Externship Fair
  • January 30
    The United Nations Committee Against Torture Project
  • January 30 (CLE)
    International Efforts to Combat Racial Discrimination
  • January 31
    Fleeing Persecution: Religion and Immigration
  • January 31
    The American Prosecutor: Power, Discretion and Accountability
  • January 31
    Civil Liberties: U.S. and Israel
  • February 1 (CLE)
    The Trade In Antiquities: Laws, Cases, Ethics, And Staying "Out Of Trouble"
  • February 2
    Human Rights Impact of China's Investment in Africa: A Roundtable Discussion
  • February 2-3
    Islamic Law in the West: Theory, Doctrine, and Practice
  • February 7 (CLE)
    The World's Refugees and Their Right of Return
  • February 8 (CLE)
    Forced Labor and Slavery: The Other Side of Trafficking
  • February 12 (CLE)
    UNmarried . . . With Children: Evaluating Legal Constraints and Social Judgments
  • February 13 (CLE)
    Where The Action Is: Innovative State Health Care Initiatives
  • February 15 (CLE)
    A World on the Move: Legal Perspectives on a New Era of International Migration
  • February 16 (CLE)
    A North American Legal System
  • February 19 (CLE)
    The Future of Military Commissions: 2007 and Beyond
  • February 20
    Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Office of Public Interest: A Symposium on the Role of Sports in Advancing Civil Rights
  • February 22
    U.S. Education Law and its Human Rights Impact on Racial Minorities
  • February 22 (CLE)
    Zealous Prosecution and the Right to Legal Representation: Paying the Price When Corporate Employees are Charged with White Collar Crime
  • February 22
    14th Annual EJF Public Interest Charity Auction
  • February 23 (CLE)
    The Janet R. Spragens Memorial Symposium on Low Income Earners and the Federal Tax System
  • February 27
    Pathways To Employment In International Law
  • March 1-3
    American University Law Revue
  • March 6 (CLE)
    Reparations in the Inter-American System: A Comparative Approach
  • March 7
    Tenth Annual Hispanic Law Conference - The Voice of the Latino/a Lawyer: Accomplishments and Challenges
  • March 8
    Assisting Law Students with Disabilities in the 21st Century: Brass Tacks
  • March 8
    “David & Goliath” Negotiating Free Trade Agreements with the United States
  • March 9
    Second Annual Meeting on Human Rights Law
  • March 10
    The William H. Karchmer Spring Moot Court Competition
  • March 15-17
    South Asian Summit 2007
  • March 19 (CLE)
    Emerging Issues in National and International Security (EMININT 2007)
  • March 20 (CLE)
    Holes in the Fence: Immigration Reform and Border Security in the United States
  • March 21 (CLE)
    Investment Law Arbitration and Human Rights
  • March 21
    Feminist Jurisprudence Essay Contest Gala Dinner
  • March 22-25 (CLE)
    Annual International Conference of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists
  • March 23 (CLE)
    IP/Gender: The Unmapped Connections
  • March 26-27 (CLE)
    International Legal Studies Program 25th Anniversary Conference
  • March 26-30
    Innocence Week
  • March 28
    A Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
  • March 28
    The Ninth Annual Grotius Lecture
  • March 29 (CLE)
    Global Impact of Developments in U.S. Climate Law
  • March 30
    The Supreme Court Confronts Affirmative Action in Public Schools
  • March 31 - April 1
    The Eighth Annual National High School Moot Court Competition
  • April 2
    District of Columbia Court of Appeals Oral Arguments
  • April 4
    Second Annual Modern American Diversity Symposium
  • April 5
    Navajo Nation Supreme Court Oral Arguments
  • April 9 (CLE)
    The New UN Disability Rights Convention: Building Support in the United States forRatification and Implementation
  • April 10
    WCL Connections
  • April 10
    User Generated Content and Copyright
  • April 11
    Promoting Access: Diversity Among Judicial Clerks and Interns
  • April 12 (CLE)
    A Conversation on Comparative Family Law
  • April 12
    8th Annual Peter M. Cicchino Awards
  • April 14
    11th Annual Sylvania Woods Conference on African Americans and the Law
  • April 16
    Anti-Trust Diversity in Dealing with Dominant Firms: How Big are the Differences? How Rational or Important are They?
  • April 18
    Women and the Law Leadership Presents Penny Wakefield '79
  • April 19
    The 1st International Trade Law Society Distinguished Alumni Dinner
  • April 20
    Washington Area Legal History Roundtable: Slavery
  • April 21
    First Annual LaLSA Cup Soccer Tournament
  • April 23
    The Courts, the Constitution and Social Change
  • April 24 (CLE)
    Investment and Trade in Latin America: The Chilean Experience
  • April (TBC)
    Humphrey Fellowship Program Certificate Ceremony
  • May 16
    The Eighth Annual William H. Karchmer Awards Ceremony & Celebration
  • May 20-25
    12th Annual Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition