International Legal Studies Program 25th Anniversary Conference *CLE*

March 26-27

9:00 am - 5:30 pm

The International Legal Studies Program will celebrate twenty-five years. Come celebrate this landmark achievement at WCL with alumni, faculty and the legal community by attending a series of panels to reflect ILSP's seven specializations: intellectual property, international trade, gender and the law, international business law, international environmental law, international human rights, and international organizations. Each panel will also offer the opportunity to earn CLE credit. The panels currently being planned include Key Developments in International Law Over the Past 25 Years and Their Implications for the Next 25 Years; Current Issues in International Arbitration; Domestic Violence in the Context of HIV/AIDS: Lessons from Africa; The Practice of Law in the 21st Century; Trafficking and Health; Designing International Organizations for the 21st Century; Intellectual Property: Anti-Counterfeiting; Intellectual Property: Access to Medicines; Corporate Governance and Codes of Conduct: Can They Promote Responsible Corporations?; Foreign Investment and the Environment: the case of Uruguay; Climate Change after Kyoto; The WTO and Global Administrative Law; Private Remedies for Anti-Trust Wrongs; and Human Rights in Situations of Crisis

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