The World's Refugees and Their Right of Return *CLE*

February 7

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

This program will discuss the legal and practical issues facing refugees, particularly the right of return. The program will consist of three consecutive panels, preceded by a short introduction to the right of return, with each panel presenting a case study of a particular region's refugees. The first will discuss Darfur refugees and whether the nation has a responsibility to repatriate refugees from the region. The second panel will give a brief history and overview of Palestinian refugees, ask whether Palestinian refugees have a legal right to return to Palestine, and will assess the legal and practical implications of resolving the Palestinian refugee problem. The third panel will address the refugee situation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and include discussion of the success and limitations of the Bosnian refugee experience as well as the implications of using the post-conflict property restitution/refugee return in Bosnia as a potential model for international standard setting.

Sponsored by the Society for Justice in Palestine/Israel, Students Taking Action Now: Darfur, and the Immigrants Rights Coalition and cosponsored by the South Asian law Students Association, the Arab Law Students Association and the Black Law Students Association.

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