The American Prosecutor: Power, Discretion and Accountability

January 31

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Prosecutors play a uniquely powerful role in our criminal justice system, with a duty not simply to try to win, but to see that justice is done. With that power, however, comes the risk of abuse. Is prosecutorial misconduct a widespread problem, and are there adequate systems in place to guide and check the power and discretion of prosecutors? Angela Davis, a WCL Professor and former Director of the Washington DC Public Defender Service, and Randall Eliason, a WCL adjunct Professor and former chief of the Public Corruption/Government Fraud section of the DC U.S. Attorney's Office, recently squared off on this question in the first two issues of WCL's Criminal Law Brief. Now please join the Criminal Law Brief and the Program on Law and Government as Professors Davis and Eliason headline a distinguished panel to discuss the issues surrounding the power and discretion of prosecutors in the U.S. criminal system.

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