Common Ground: Global Perspectives on Minorities’ Land Rights

March 6

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This day-long conference will address international and domestic land rights. It will begin with a panel on threats to land title such as government seizure for commercial development, mines, dams, and other large-scale projects, and will address global issues in maintaining property rights, highlighting recent developments in retaining these rights such as conservation easements. The afternoon panel will address land restitution and compensation, and means of protecting land title. The keynote speaker over lunch will present an overview of legal instruments to strengthen and secure land title. The panel speakers will focus on specific case studies to illustrate their topics, including North American Indian land claims against the federal government, restitution for indigenous Guatemalans displaced by a World Bank funded dam, development of Black Family Land Trust to fight loss of African-American-owned land.

Sponsored by the Human Rights Brief and the Sustainable Development Law and Policy Brief
Contact: Abby Okrent,

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Common Ground Brochure