Lessons from NAFTA - Trade Dispute Resolution: US/Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute –
How We Did We Get Here….. What’s The Answer?

February 27

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

How does a trade issue work its way through the trade dispute arbitration/resolution process? The first half of this event will give participants a brief, yet insightful, overview of the steps, strategies, and problems involved, using a current “hot-button” US/Canada dispute – Softwood Lumber. To date, multiple dispute resolution processes, including the WTO’s and NAFTA’s, have rendered decisions, yet the dispute continues. Currently, the US is debating the possibility of initiating a constitutional challenge to the entire NAFTA dispute settlement system in response to NAFTA’s rulings on this matter. The event’s second half will focus on debating the solutions as the dispute moves forward.

Sponsored by: the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society, the International Trade Law Society; and the Center for North American Studies
Contact: Moray Horne, morayslaw@gmail.com

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