A Passion for Justice: The Clarence Darrow Story
and Panel on Reconciling Professional Ethics
with Passionate Representation

February 13

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Room 603

Paul Morella, a professional actor and a member of the adjunct faculty, will present this one-man production, in which one of the most brilliant and dynamic personalities of the 20th Century comes alive in the life of legendary defense attorney Clarence Darrow. The Clarence Darrow Story shows Darrow in his sensational trial for bribery and jury tampering and his famous triumphs in the Scopes “Monkey Trial,” Leopold-Loeb murder case, Ossian Sweet civil rights trial, and many more. Featuring the best of Darrow’s most emotional and explosive summations, his pleas for mercy, and the actual showdown on the teaching of evolution. Darrow’s powerful defenses of freedom of speech, integration and fair labor practices, combined with his passionate attacks on intolerance, capital punishment and abuse of power are as timely, relevant and resonant today as they were back in his time. After the production, which will raise numerous legal ethics issues such as jury nullification, there will be a spirited post-show discussion panel on legal ethics with judges from the Trial Practice Program, faculty members and practicing attorneys.

Sponsored by the Trial Practice Program
Contact: Elizabeth Boals, eboals@wcl.american.edu

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