2003 Founders' Celebration Events

Compensating Victims of Terrorism & Domestic Crime

April 4, 2003

Part I of this day-long seminar discussed compensating victims of violent crime in the United States for breaches of security. Topics included suits against private entities that fail to provide security in their apartment complexes, hotels shopping malls and schools. Part II was a discussion on how victims of international terrorism are being compensated. Discussion topics included the fairness of the 9/11 Fund; how U.S. citizens killed and injured in our Embassies abroad are being compensated and the logistics of filing torts against foreign states that provided material support and resources for terrorist activities.



PANEL I - Compensating Victims of Domestic Crime

Keynote Address & Luncheon

PANEL II - Compensating Victims of Terrorism


Guest Speakers

Keynote: Hon. Eliot Engel, Congressman from New York. Mr. Engel has been in Congress since 1988 and currently serves on the House Committee for International Relations. He was a co-sponsor of the bill that allowed the Flatow family to receive compensation from frozen Iranian funds for the murder of Alisa Flatow, who was killed by a suicide bomber in Israel in 1995. Congressman Engel, on the domestic front, has led battles to increase funding for fighting domestic crime and violence.

Moderator: Ronald Karp, Esq., WCL 1971, who is currently serving as President of the Washington, D.C. chapter of ABOTA. Mr. Karp is Managing Partner of the Washington regional law firm of Karp, Frosh, Lapidus, Wigodsky & Norwind and has been lead counsel in numerous multi-million dollar cases. Mr. Karp also represents State Department employees who were injured in the 1988 U.S. Embassy bombing in Africa and is a frequent commentator on victim compensation.

Thomas Fortune Fay, Esq., Washington, D.C. Has received numerous award and honors for collecting over 75 Million dollars for victims of terrorism. Currently represents families of U.S. Marine, Navy and Army personnel who were killed in Beruit; victims of the bombing of the La Belle disco-teque in Germany; U.S. State Department employees who were injured in U.S. Embassy bombing in Africa in 1998.

Jeffrey Dion, Esq., Deputy Director, National Crime Victim's Bar Association. Washington, D.C. This bar association seeks to provide strategic leadership for awareness of the civil remedies available to victims of crime and to provide technical assistance to attorneys representing victims in civil actions. Mr. Dion lectures widely and is a former homicide victim survivor.

Patrick M Regan, Esq., Senior Partner is the Washington D.C. firm of Regan, Halperin and Long. Former president of the Trial Lawyer's Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. and recipient of the Trial Lawyer of the Year award. Selected by the National Law Journal as as one of the "Top Ten Power Lawyers" in Washington. He is president-elect of ABOTA and has had more than 40 cases which have resulted in verdicts and settlements of $1 million.

Luke Marsh, Esq., Represents victims in major air crash disaster litigation for the Speiser Krause law firm. He is author of the article: Compensation Remedies Available to the Victims of Sept. 11, 2001. Mr. Marsh's firm represents 9/11 victims at the Pentagon and the Word Trade Center. They also represent 57 victims in the suit against Lybia for the deaths of those on board Pan Am 103.

William Hickey, Esq., Godwin & Hickey, Rockville, Maryland. Has been defense counsel for over 20 years in numerous premises liability cases involving hotels, parking lots, apartment and condo complexes. Mr. Hickey is currently ABOTA's National Board Representative from Washington, D.C.