2002 Founders' Celebration Events

Damages: Views from Both Sides, A Point-Counterpoint Seminar

(Co-sponsored by the Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.)
April 19, 2002

This day-long seminar presented plaintiff and defense views on wrongful death damages, pre-existing conditions, the jury appeal of the plaintiff's expert and creating climates to optimize or deflate damages. Experienced plaintiff and defense attorneys also discussed strategies for using real and demonstrative evidence to impact awards and to show how to maximize or minimize damages in catastrophic injury cases using mock closing arguments. Well-known attorney Jacob Stein and former D.C. Bar Counsel Michael Frish presented an ethics segment. Other speakers included plaintiffs' attorneys Gerard E. Mitchell, Joseph Cammarata, Ira Sherman, William Artz, William Lightfoot, Kathleen Howard Meredith and Robert Michael. Representing defense firms will be Nicholas McConnell, Peggy Miller, Gary Brown, Synthia Santoni and Leo Roth.