2002 Founders' Celebration Events

Facing Community Opposition in Land Use Cases: Strategies and Challenges

April 3, 2002

Developers, land use and city planners, community leaders, public interest advocates, financial institutions, politicians, public administrators, and the press all play different roles in cases involving the use of land. Intense battles are often waged before zoning boards and commissions as well as in various state and federal courts. The fights can last years, leaving no one fully satisfied. Often the scars left from such contests are permanent and color future participation in subsequent cases. Is there a way to avoid the acrimony and hostility that accompany these situations? What are the new regulatory, statutory, and common-law principles that affect such cases? What theories and strategies can be implemented to improve the quality of the process and the outcome of the decisions? These are among the topics discussed in: "Facing Community Opposition in Land Use Cases: Strategies and Challenges." Presenters included John Delaney, Linnowes & Blocher, Maureen Dwyer, Shaw Pittmann, and WCL Professors Barlow Burke and Andrew Popper.