Presidential Power and National Security Decisions: The Domestic and International Legal Justifications for Military Intervention in Syria and Libya

October 22, 2013
10:15 AM - 2:30 PM
American University Washington College of Law
4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20016
Room 603


The 2011 Libyan bombing campaign and the current debate over a possible U.S. intervention in Syria raise many legal questions in the U.S. national security context, in both domestic and international law. When the President chooses to unilaterally use military force in a foreign country, his decision raises important questions about his constitutional authority to do so, Congress’s power to check this authority, and the importance of international support. The National Security Law Brief and the International Law Review will examine these questions in the context of the Libyan and Syrian conflicts. The event will specifically address the War Powers Act, the President’s Article II authority, and the potential international law justifications for military intervention.

Presented by the National Security Law Brief and the International Law Review





WCL Alumni, AU & WCL Students, Faculty & Staff – no charge
General Public - No Charge
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CLE Accreditation - $ 110.00
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