Connecting Women, Effecting Change: the Second Annual D.C. Women’s Networking Event

October 12

4:30pm - 6:30pm

This year’s event, hosted by WCL, provides an opportunity to network and build mentor relationships with a wide range of women from the DC area. The First Annual Women in the Law Networking event, hosted by Catholic University of America Women’s Law Caucus, attracted over 200 students and alumni from all of the DC area law schools, together with members of the DC Legal community, including practitioners and judges in a variety of fields.

Connecting Women, Effecting Change Flyer

There is no Charge to attend this event but registration is required

To register for this event please click the link below:

For more information on the program please contact:
Office of Special Events & Continuing Legal Education
202.274.4075 - Phone
202.274.4079 - Fax



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