International Legal Issues: The Current Debate over the Immunity of Foreign Cultural Property from Suit in the United States

October 8

4:00pm - 6:00pm


This program will present current issues concerning the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), which codified the restrictive theory of sovereign immunity providing that a foreign state and its agencies and instrumentalities have only limited immunity from suit in the United States. Particularly within the context of cases involving stolen or looted art, the FSIA has recently been subject to new and important interpretations of the statute that have had the apparent effect of broadening the circumstances in which a foreign sovereign may be held to account in a U.S. court. The panelists will discuss the text and legislative history of the FSIA, and survey recent cases affecting its application. The program will concentrate specifically on the FSIA's impact in stolen art cases, where U.S. plaintiffs endeavor to recover stolen or looted art from foreign countries by filing suit in the U.S. The complex historical facts often involved in such cases offer a particularly interesting and unique context for the application of the FSIA.

International Legal Issues Flyer

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  • $35 for CLE Accreditation (2 credits hours)

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