Message for the AUWCL Community


Dear All,

Yesterday, eight anti-immigrant flyers attributed to a Neo-Nazi organization were discovered on the main campus of American University.  While it appears the flyers did not specifically target AU, and are rather part of a national movement designed to intimidate immigrant communities, that makes them no less hurtful.  They are an attack on diversity, inclusion, and civil discourse – values we hold dear here at AUWCL. 

Rather than weaken us, however, these hateful and divisive attempts to divide us strengthen our resolve to protect our values and the vibrant intellectual community that we so cherish.  We will be neither cowed nor dispirited. As the President stated in her message to the AU community today, “American University is and has always been a place that welcomes students, faculty, and staff from around the world . . . We urge the nation’s leaders to find a long-term solution for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students.”

We want to ensure that all members of our community feel safe and supported and are aware of available supportive resources:

AU Counseling Center (202-885-3500)

Please do reach out to any of the contacts listed above if we can be of assistance.

Be well,

Camille A. Nelson

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