Connect with Fall 2022 Student  Ambassadors

Wondering what it's like to brief your first case, conduct legal research for a federal agency, or represent your first client? How can you balance studying for classes, working at an externship or for a law clinic and still have time for a social life? Here's an opportunity to connect with a current student to ask about their experiences at the Washington College of Law and their life in Washington, DC. Feel free to contact them at their email addresses in their bios or by calling the JD Admissions Reception Desk at 202-274-4101. Each of these ambassadors work a few hours each week at our Admissions Reception Desk.  Please note, that it may take a few business days for them to respond to emails sent to their student ambassador Gmail account.

Madeline Bergstrom Headshot
Madeline Bergstrom

Madeline Bergstrom (She/her/hers)

  • Class of 2023 (3L)
  • Program Type: Full-Time
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown, State: Chicago, Illinois 
  • Undergraduate School: Arizona State University
  • Major: Political Science, Business, & Civic Education

Why did you choose to attend AUWCL? I chose to attend WCL because of the opportunities the school offers, its location in DC, and the strong sense of community that is present between professors, staff, and students. The law school has a top-ranked clinic and advocacy program, as well as unparalleled access and connections with governmental agencies and public interest organizations.

What is your current campus involvement? I am the Senior Note & Comment Editor for the American University Law Review, a Research Assistant for one of our Constitutional Law Professors, and a member of the WCL Women's Law Association. This last year, I interned for WCL Alum The Honorable Judge Reggie Walton on the D.C. District Court. This past summer, I worked as a legal intern for The Project on Government Oversight, working at the intersection of constitutional issues within our government and legislation. 

Jordan Luber Headshot
Jordan Luber

Jordan Luber (He/Him/His)

  • Class of 2023 (3L)
  • Program Type: Full-Time
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown, State: Annapolis, Maryland
  • Undergraduate School: University of Maryland, College Park
  • Major: Government and Politics, Eastern European Studies

Why did you choose to attend AUWCL? WCL is one of the best law schools in the country for international law. This was the impression I got doing my research before applying, and on this WCL has not disappointed. For trade, human rights, the law of war, national security, and every other type of international law, WCL has some of the best professors in the world to teach these things. I’ve taken almost exclusively international law classes, and the professors and programs are amazing. Often, the professors teaching here invented their fields, and their experience is amazing. I also like how many of our professors here have done public service.

What is your current campus involvement? I’ve been on the Human Rights Brief and now I’m an editor with International Law Review. I am an elected Senator in our student government, the Student Bar Association. I’m a member of the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA). I work for Privacy Across Borders at the Tech Law & Security Program. I participated in Professor Grossman’s Kovler Project Against Torture, and have taken many international law classes.

Amy Lyons Headshot
Amy Lyons

Amy Lyons (she/her/hers)

  • Class of 2023 (3L)
  • Program Type: Full-Time JD/MA
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown, State: Brunswick, ME & Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia
  • Undergraduate School: University of Maine
  • Major: International Business and International Security

Why did you choose to attend AUWCL? I chose AUWCL for a plethora of reasons but most notably because of how much of a community this school is. I feel as if I have the opportunity to grow with my peers and professors and truly get to know everyone on an individual level while also accomplishing my legal aspirations. I also chose AUWCL because of its incredible reputation as an international law school. I am a JD/MA student and have plenty of options when it comes to experiential and clinical work in this field.

What is your current campus involvement? I'm a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Honor Society (ADRHS), historian for the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA), LexisNexis Associate, staff writer for the Human Rights Brief (HRB), student attorney for the International Human Rights Clinic (IHRLC), and Senior Research Associate (SRA) for the Lawyering Peace Program (LPP).

Kirsten Rowe Headshot
Kirsten Rowe

Kirsten Rowe (she/her/hers)

Why did you choose to attend AUWCL? There were many factors that went into my decision for AUWCL. I love the school’s location to downtown DC. I was interested in being involved in the school’s trial advocacy program and the school’s ranking in that area is phenomenal. The ability to learn from experts in the legal field and the networking opportunities that WCL offers is unmatched.

What is your current campus involvement? I am currently the Teams Coordinator for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Honors Society, Marshal for WCL’S chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, Community Outreach Chair for the Women’s Law Association, and an Articles Editor for the Criminal Law Practitioner Brief on campus.

Jo Young Headshot
Jo Young

Jo Young (she/her/hers)

  • Class of 2024 (2L)
  • Program Type: Full-Time
  • Email Address:
  • Hometown, State: McLean, VA
  • Undergraduate School:
  • University of the South: Sewanee
  • Major: International Global Studies: Middle East

Why did you choose to attend AUWCL? WCL initially drew my interest because of its location in DC. From there, I learned about its strong international, clinical, and trial advocacy programs that aligned with my personal interest areas. I am drawn to experiential learning, because it allows me to transition conceptual classroom knowledge into realistic applications, which often vary significantly. Finally, WCL also provides students with strong financial assistance that realistically becomes hugely important for post-grad education.

What is your current campus involvement? I am a Junior Staffer on the International Law Review, where I just finished authoring my Comment on international water and energy law between Jordan and Israel with the advisement of a WCL professor. I am also a member of Moot Court Honor Society. I am looking forward to competing and representing WCL in the 2023 Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Austria.