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The AUWCL Office of Admissions considers all applicants for merit scholarships at the time of their admission; a separate application is not required. Merit scholarships are primarily determined by applicant academic indicators (LSAT score and undergraduate GPA). Merit scholarships are renewable for full-time JD students for up to three academic years and for part-time JD students up to four academic years per the policies outlined in the Required Reading. The Office of Admissions generally begins awarding merit scholarships in January and continues throughout the admissions process. For the last two years, more than 50% of the incoming class received merit scholarships with awards in 2017 ranging from $10,000 up to full tuition.

Matriculated international students may also apply for select Restricted Scholarships based on academic success and/or program of study. Awards based on financial need are not available to international students since the forms to determine need require one to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The Restricted Scholarships require a separate application, including a personal statement and resume. Application procedures and selection criteria are announced during the fall semester with the application deadline typically 2-3 weeks after the first announcement. For more information about Restricted Scholarships, please click here.

The United Methodist Scholarship is awarded each academic year to full-time JD law students who are full members of the United Methodist Church for at least one year prior to application. International students from one of the United Methodist Church Central Conferences must be a member of The United Methodist Church for a minimum of three years. International students from an autonomous Methodist Church (or non-UMC Central Conference) must have been a member of The United Methodist Church within the U.S. for at least three years. The annual application, along with the required supplemental paperwork, must be submitted to the AUWCL Office of Financial Aid. The application is posted annually when available.

Private education loans may be available to help off-set the cost of attendance. Lenders require the student applicant to have a U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer on the loan. All private education loans are based on the credit of the student applicant and the co-signer. The terms and conditions of the loan vary between lenders. All private education loans must be certified by the AUWCL Office of Financial Aid and borrowers must notify the office in writing when approved. Additional processing time is required and refunds for living expenses, if applicable, may be delayed.

International students are required to document ability to finance educational expenses prior to departure for study in the United States. Resources are available at the following websites:

International Education Financial Aid

Financial Aid for Foreign Nationals Studying in the United States

Council on International Exchange

Institute for International Education

Funding for US Study

The Foundation Center

Outside Scholarships

AUWCL offers numerous opportunities to study abroad. The International JD Dual Degree programs are available to currently enrolled AUWCL students who have completed at least one semester before applying. The programs allow a select number of students to obtain a JD from AUWCL and a second equivalent degree from one of our partner international law schools.

The AUWCL Financial Aid Office and the AUWCL Abroad Office work closely together to determine the costs related to the time abroad while enrolled in the International Dual Degree program. Certain cities may see an increase in the cost of attendance to account for a higher cost of living.

While abroad and paying AUWCL tuition and fees, students are eligible to receive institutional and federal funding as if they were on campus. Federal financial aid is only available for credits and requirements in furtherance of your WCL degree.

For more information regarding the International JD Dual Degree programs, please contact the AUWCL Abroad Office or the AUWCL Financial Aid Office.