Institutional Aid

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The AUWCL Office of Admissions considers all applicants for merit scholarships at the time of their admission; a separate application is not required. Merit scholarships are primarily determined by applicant academic indicators (LSAT score and undergraduate GPA). Merit scholarships for part-time JD students are renewable for up to four academic years per the policies outlined in the Required Reading. The Office of Admissions generally begins awarding merit scholarships in January and continues throughout the admissions process. For the last two years, more than 50% of the incoming class received merit scholarships with awards in 2017 ranging from $10,000 up to full tuition.

Through the generosity of AUWCL friends and alumni, dozens of named scholarships are awarded annually ranging in amounts from $1,000 to upwards of $20,000 depending on funding levels in a given year. Selection criteria for these scholarships vary. Most commonly awards are based on financial need and academic achievement. There are scholarships specifically ear-marked for part-time students. 

The Restricted Scholarships require a separate application, including a personal statement and resume. Application procedures and selection criteria are announced on MyWCL and in the WCL Daily email during the fall semester with the application deadline typically 2-3 weeks after the first announcement.

For more information about Restricted Scholarships, please click here.