Need-Based Grant

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The AUWCL Office of Financial Aid offers need-based grants to qualifying full-time JD students only. The application is offered free-of-charge and must be completed electronically on an annual basis. Grants are available to U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens as defined by federal criteria. Full-tuition scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply. 

Parental information is required of every applicant for need-based grant support. Applications without parental information are incomplete and will not be considered. While we do not expect parents to contribute to law school, the application requires this information for all applicants regardless of age, marital status or dependents in order to gain a sense of the socioeconomic background the student is coming from and to gauge systemic need. 

The need-based aid application is not required for consideration of merit scholarships offered through the AUWCL Office of Admissions and/or federal student loans through the Department of Education.

Grant recipients must maintain full-time enrollment (12 credits per fall/spring semester), comply with program rules, and are limited to three years of support. Recipients must utilize their full Direct Stafford Loan eligibility ($20,500) each year to be considered for the need-based grant and the AUWCL Financial Aid Office will revoke grants for students who do not exhaust their Stafford loan eligibility. Eligible recipients receive a $15,000 need-based grant.

The need-based grant process deadline is March 1 (steps outlined below)The application process must be completed annually. Need-based grant applications may be submitted prior to an admissions decision to meet the application deadline; do not wait for an offer of admission to apply.

Late applications will only be reviewed if funding is available. 

Please note: the 2021-2022 application is closed and no further submissions will be accepted. 

Before you begin, you will need your federal taxes to answer application questions. The application for fall 2021/spring 2022 requires your 2019 federal taxes.

The information submitted on the application is confidential and secure. Only the particular user has access to edit/view their data. In other words, student applicants cannot see the parent data and vice versa.

Step One: Before March 1, the student applicant is required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online and select American University title IV code 001434. Parent information is submitted via the AUWCL Need-Based Aid Application (see Steps Three and Four below).

Step Two: Before March 1, the student applicant completes their section of the AUWCL Need-Based Aid Application online. Detailed instructions are found on the application. The application generally becomes available in early January.

Step Three: The submitted student application sends a secure email to the parent email address granting them access so they can complete their section. The email will be sent by Please note that valid email addresses must be used or the application will be considered incomplete.

Step Four: Parent completes and submits their section of the application. Detailed instructions are found on the application. All sections of the application, student and parent, must show as “submitted” by the March 1 deadline in order to receive grant consideration.

Step Five: The AUWCL Financial Aid Office reviews the completed application to determine need-based grant eligibility. Non-custodial parent information may be requested during the review process. Award decisions for incoming students are typically sent via email in mid-March and continuing students in June/July.

First-time users of the institutional application will create a login. Current AUWCL students must use their AU credentials. Prospective/admitted students can use a personal email account to create their login and then will submit their application either using their AUID or LSAC number. Parents will use the email address given on the student application. Valid email addresses are required.

Once you submit information on the AUWCL Need-Based Aid Application, it cannot be updated and you will need to notify the AUWCL Financial Aid Office of any necessary changes in writing to

Completed applications can be printed after submission; however, you can only print your section that you completed.

Student applicants can confirm the status of individual sections after logging in to their application account.

For more information on the grant process, please email