Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) for full-time JD students during the Fall 2020 semester is located below. The COA is the maximum amount of financial aid permitted from all sources. Institutional funds awarded by AUWCL, in combination with tuition-only outside assistance, cannot exceed AUWCL tuition.

The Spring 2021 COA will be posted at a later date; however, the non-billable charges below may be multiplied times two to determine living expense allocation over the entire academic year. 

While the COA cannot be increased to meet non-educational obligations, documented extraordinary expenses and/or special needs may be considered per federal regulations. The COA can be increased for a one-time computer and/or related equipment purchase under specified conditions, as well as to cover the cost of AUWCL medical insurance. A separate form is required through the AUWCL Office of Financial Aid for both the computer and medical reimbursements and are posted on the Financial Aid Forms webpage.

The full-time JD COA is for students enrolled between 12 and 17 credits. Students taking more than 17 credits (with Registrar approval) are charged per credit above the standard rate. Enrollment in six credits per fall/spring semester is required for receipt of federal financial aid.

Monthly living expenses: For the 2020-2021 (9-month academic year), students should budget approximately $2,300 per month for living expenses with approximately $1,650 of that allocated to rent and utilities. The total figure includes room (shared accommodations), board, and personal expenses.

  Full-time JD cost of attendance (Fall 2020)  
Tuition $26,018*  
Fees $329**  
Total Billable Charges $26,347  
Room $7,457  
Board $1,822  
Personal $1,193  
Transportation $564  
Books $900  
Total $38,283 (Fall 2020)  

Federal loan recipients may borrow up to an additional $889 to help offset federal loan fees incurred at disbursement in Fall 2020. The additional loan fee allocation is an average amount for all AUWCL loan borrowers. The updated total maximum COA inclusive of the loan fees for Fall 2020 is $39,172.

*Includes one-time tuition reduction of 10% in Fall 2020.
** Includes one-time reduction of SBA fee and one-time elimination of sports center fee in Fall 2020. 

AUWCL reserves the right to modify or change the contents of the cost of attendance without notice.

Summer Semester

Full-time JD students enrolled in a minimum of three (3) credit hours, including courses on main campus, during the summer semester may be eligible to apply for financial aid through the Direct PLUS Loan program. The cost of attendance (COA) for summer 2020 (linked below) is only applicable during the dates of the classes for which you are registered. Financial aid is not available during periods of non-enrollment.

Currency adjustments and living costs have been considered for all study abroad programs. Cost of attendance allowances for AUWCL students attending other institutions/programs are determined by the host institution/program. The room allowance is based on shared housing accommodations. Students whose course dates are all less than two weeks are not eligible for living expenses.

Please note: Living expense refunds, if applicable, are available after all spring grades are posted and satisfactory academic progress is confirmed. Financial aid cannot disburse early to cover expenses.

Summer 2020 Cost of Attendance

The summer financial aid application process includes:

  1. Complete a 2020-2021 FAFSA online .
  2. Submit the Application for Summer Assistance  - Available in mid-spring
  3. Complete a 2020-2021 Direct PLUS request online after April 1. 
  4. Enroll in at least 3 credits to receive federal financial aid.

AUWCL reserves the right to modify or change the contents of the cost of attendance without notice.