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Article II, section 16 of the Washington College of Law Student Bar Association (SBA) Constitution authorizes the SBA Senate to recognize and regulate student organizations and programs at the Washington College of Law, and to appropriate funds for their programming and operation.

Please CLICK HERE to see a list of all WCL student organizations, as well as contact information for each organization's leadership. All student organizations have a mailbox in the SBA Lounge on the 5th floor. (A small description along with links to individual student organization web pages can be found HERE)

Additionally, each organization is required to meet the following requirements listed below under "Student Organization Requirements."

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Contents below:

  1. Student Organization Requirements
  2. Registering An Event Online
  3. Setting Up a WCL Webpage and WCL E-mail Address
  4. Getting A Copy Code
  5. Applying for an ABA Award

1. Student Organization Requirements

A. Basic Requirements >>>

1. Create an official WCL website. It should include names of current leadership, e-mail contacts for the President, Vice President, and Treasurer, the organization’s constitution, the mission statement, and anything else you think necessary. Update this webpage regularly! Contact the WCL Office of Technology for help.

2. Create an official WCL e-mail address. This address should be checked every day as it is the primary address through which the SBA and students will contact you. You CANNOT forward e-mail from this account to a personal address; check it through the school server. Because some previous Organization leaders once forwarded their Student Organization WCL e-mail addresses to personal accounts, many WCL addresses now bounce to old accounts that are no longer checked. This cannot continue. Contact the WCL Office of Technology for help.

3. Create a TWEN webpage specifically for your group. This will create institutional memory and provides for easy communication amongst your group membership. The TWEN page should include the group constitution and other information that is often lost from year to year such as your copy code for the copy machine in the SBA lounge. Contact the Westlaw advisor, John Lim, for help. His e-mail address is:

4. Sign up for the “Student Bar Association” course on TWEN by clicking on the “Drop/Add a Course” button. This will allow the SBA to easily contact you.

B. Mandatory Procedures for Holding an Event >>>

1. Reserve a room from Facilities Management in Room 383. The Facilities staff will not allow more than 3 student group events to take place at noon on any given day. Check the online WCL calendar early (available on the front WCL webpage) to see if there are already 3 events before requesting a room at the same time. Additionally, the 6th Floor Student Lounge is not to be considered a viable location for student events. It is a last resort. The SBA is doing everything in its power to keep this Lounge open to the student body as often as possible. Send an e-mail at least 48 hours in advance to with the information below. It is recommended that you schedule your room reservation weeks in advance to ensure that a room will be available.

  • Event Title
  • Date requested
  • Time (start and finish), am/pm
  • Number of anticipated attendees

2. Enter event information into the Events Calendar as soon as you receive a room number. Go to the link below under the "Registering An Event Online" heading and fill out the forms. In addition to posting your event to the WCL calendar, this system sends an automatic e-mail to various offices including the Office of Career Services, the Office of Alumni Affairs, and others. This allows these offices to contact your panelists for the purpose of cultivating relationships on behalf of the student body.

3. Remember: You are representing WCL at all events. Speak clearly, loudly, and introduce the law school and all panelists. At the end of event, thank the viewers and panelists AND, especially for televised events, restate the fact that the event was held at “American University, Washington College of Law.”

C. Finance Requirements >>>

1. Each organization Treasurer is required to read and understand the Finance Guidelines.

2. Budgets must include name and e-mail contact of both President and Treasurer.

2. Registering An Event Online

In order to qualify your event as sanctioned by the SBA and in order to receive funding for the event, you must click on the following link and fill out the form in its entirety. Before starting this process, you must reserve a room from Facilities Management on the Third Floor. Then go to this link:

SBA Event Submission Page

This program will generate an e-mail to a variety of WCL offices including, the Office of Career Services & Professional Development, the Office of Development & Alumni Relations, the Externship Office, and others so that the administration can reach out to the event speakers and cultivate relationships on behalf of the student body.

3. Setting Up a Webpage and E-mail Address

Each student organization is responsible for setting up an official WCL webpage and an official WCL e-mail address. Organizational leadership must REGULARLY update their webpage and must REGULARLY check their e-mail.

In order to create a webpage, see the Student Organization website information page. For email account creation and access, contact

4. Getting a Copy Code

Each group is assigned a copy code for use of the photocopy machine in the SBA Lounge. Copies are to be made ONLY for student organization purposes. Your group likely already has already been assigned a four digit number. If you still cannot determine the code after talking with your organizational leadership, please contact the SBA at

5. Applying for an American Bar Association Award

Many student organizations have received recognition for their work at the Washington College of Law by applying for one of numerous ABA annual awards. The SBA highly encourages you to apply every year. Please refer to the ABA's Law School Division homepage for more information at:

6. Applying for an American Bar Association Grant

Student groups can get up to $500 for events at the law school. Not to cover travel or fundraising, but only for actual events. Applications should be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the date of the project. Applications must be submitted via email and must contain all requisite information and accompanying materials. An application will have all available background detailed in the application, specific budgetary figures and detailed information to aide the committee in its review. Appropriate information to include would be the origin of the program, the purpose it seeks to fulfill, the means by which it will be accomplished, and all alternate funding that is being sought and that has been secured.
More information is available at, including an application.