Senate Committees

The WCL SBA maintains four separate committees: the Finance Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Groups and Organizations Committee, and Academic Affairs Committee. According to our by-laws, each Senator on SBA is required to serve on at least one standing committee. Senators may serve on more than one committee, but this is not required. Below are the committee descriptions, committee chairs and personnel assignments for the 2015-2016 academic year. You can also find the email address for each committee following its description - please contact the Committee Chair for any particular questions or concerns you may have specific to one of our committees.

Non-senators may serve on the student services and academic affairs committees. To become a voting member, you would just need to attend two meetings.

Finance Committee

William Warmke , Chair

The Finance Committee shall propose and review all legislation of a financial nature, including the allocation of annual budgets and other requests for allocations from Student Activities Fees. Please contact to reach the Finance Committee.

Student Services Committee

Farhan Chugtai, Chair

The Student Services Committee is concerned with student life of a non-academic nature, including but not limited to students rights, security, parking, student services, financial aid, student employment, auxiliary fees and costs, and health care issues. Please contact to reach the Student Services Committee.

Groups and Organizations Committee (GandO)

Trey Levy, Chair

The Groups and Organizations Committee shall oversee and assist with the creation and management of student organizations, facilitate organizational communication, and address organizational concerns. Please contact to reach the Groups and Organizations Committee.

Academic Affairs Committee

Mark Dunham Jr., Chair

The Academic Affairs Committee is concerned with student life of an academic nature including but not limited to educational standards and requirements, course availability, registration procedures, library services, grading, tuition, and faculty evaluation. Please contact to reach the Academic Affairs Committee.

Also, check out the Grade Grievance Policy WCL's Faculty passed last year as a response to an SBA Resolution!