The Legislative Branch, composed of the Senate, is led by the Executive Vice President. Each class is represented by elected Senators whose terms last one year. Evening students and transfer students are also represented on the Senate. In addition, there are several at-large Senate seats for students wishing to represent the interests of the greater student body at WCL.

The Senate proposes, considers, and votes on legislation. This includes approving the Student Bar Association Budget, chartering student organizations, amending the Constitution, and establishing the bylaws which govern SBA actions. The Senate typically meets every other week during the school year on Tuesday nights at 10:10pm in WCL Room NT01. Please email for the date of our next SBA meeting.

Senate Committee Chairs

To contact your senators individually, please utilize the email address following each name below.

Committee Chairs

3L Senators

  • Jess Goodall,

  • Emmanuel Catalan,

  • Irini Adamopoulos,

  • Farhan Chughtai,

2L Senators

  • Ugooma Daniel,

  • Trey Levy,

  • Courtney Taylor,

  • Tiana Cherry,

Evening Senators

  • Earle Douglass,

  • Robert Rosado,

  • Mark A. Dunham, Jr.,

  • Kirti Suri,

At-Large Senators

  • Anna Stressenger (3L),

  • Jacqueline Youm (3L),

  • William Warmke (2L),

  • Allan Poteshman (2L),

  • Kevin Flebbe (2L),

  • Sydney Ross (2L),

1L Senators

  • Kristopher Vicencio (1L),

  • Umair Mamsa (1L),

  • Allen Liu (1L),

  • Aditya Patel (1L),

  • Jonathan White (1L),