The Court's jurisdiction extends to all cases or controversies arising under this Constitution, legislation of the Senate, and to other areas as provided by the Administration of the Washington College of Law. The Court is the final arbiter of this Constitution. The Court may choose to exercise jurisdiction over conflicts within or between student organizations provided the conflict is within the juriscition of the Court pursuant to Article III Section III of the Constitution of the Wasington College of Law.

Nominations to the Judiciary for 2015-2016 have been made.

Chief Justice Arturo Esteve

Associate Justice Justice Colin Stanton

Associate Justice Janissia Orgill

Associate Justice Adjua Adjei-Danso

Associate Justice Robert Kelsey


Please check out the Court's brand new Rules of Procedure:

Court of Appeals of the Washington College of Law Student Bar Association Rules of Procedure


Judiciary Decisions 2015-2016

Decision on Executive Order 004 15March2016

Please email sba@wcl.american.edu with any questions.