The SBA executive is composed of the President and Vice President. Other executive members (including the President Pro Tempore and Committee Chairpersons) are appointed by the President. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the WCL Student Body, and shall represent the interests of the student body to all interested persons or entities. In addition, the President is responsible for enforcing all legislation, amendments, and referenda passed by the Senate.


SBA President and Vice President


President Alexandra Spratt


Please contact Alex at sba@wcl.american.edu.


Additional Members of the Executive




President Pro Tempore*


Finance Chairperson*

Chelsea Gold- sbafinance@gmail.com

Groups & Organizations Chairperson*

- sbagando@gmail.com

Academic Affairs Chairperson*

- sbaacademicaffairs@gmail.com

Student Services Chairperson*

- sbastudentservices@gmail.com

*Please see the SBA Senators page for the bios and pictures of committee chairs and pro tempore.