Letters of Recommendation

Faculty members are often asked to write letters of recommendation for students. The FASS department will assist you with typing, editing and printing letters on AU letterhead and preparing, stuffing and sealing envelopes.

FASS follows these guidelines:

  • Permission to print and process letters must be granted by the faculty member. Students making initial requests (or subsequent reprint requests) will be referred to the faculty for approval.
  • The text of the letter is received directly from faculty. Adjunct faculty may email their letters to adjunctsupport@wcl.american.edu.
  • Students provide addresses to FASS in the format approved by the Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD).
  • Once all materials are received, the normal preparation time is 4 business days, not counting time required to obtain faculty member’s signature.
  • Signing recommendation letters is the responsibility of the faculty member. FASS staff is not authorized to sign for faculty. For convenience, faculty can provide an electronic signature that we can insert.

NOTE: The AALS recommends that law faculty members not send letters of recommendation for clerkships until applicants have three full semesters of grades or the equivalent.