During the WCL Exam periods, all in-class exams are administered and proctored by the Office of Faculty and Administrative Support Services (FASS). The WCL Registrar's Office administers all papers and take-home exams. At the beginning of the semester, you will receive a questionnaire from the Registrar's office asking about your final exam.

Exam Standard Procedures Form

Before the middle of the semester, you will receive an email from FASS containing the Exam Standard Procedures form. This form asks for your specific exam preferences and will provide the FASS office and Technology with the information required to proctor and process your exams in the most efficient and accurate manner. You can submit this form electronically. The explanation of all exam options is included and you can choose the option that meets your needs. This form should be completed by all faculty. You have the opportunity to indicate whether you administer an in-class exam, take-home exam, final paper, or no exam. If you have specific questions concerning take-home exams, please consult the Registrar's office at 202-274-4080 for details.

Sample Exam Cover Sheet

Your exam should include detailed instructions for your students.We have created a sample cover sheet that includes the basic information that should be included in addition to any specifics that apply to your exam.

Access the Sample Exam Cover Sheet

EXAM4 Testing Software and MyWCL

The Office of Technology has implemented two electronic testing processes which make the in-class exam process more secure and convenient than ever before. Details of all your exam options are fully explained on theExam Standard Procedures form. Please choose the option that suits your needs and indicate it on the form. Technology must have advance notice in order to set up their systems for EXAM4 and MyWCL exams.

Students Requesting Additional Time Due To ESL

Allowing additional time to ESL students is at the discretion of the professor and is not a WCL requirement. Students must obtain your approval for additional time, and you must notify us of the students' names. Stating in the instructions of your exam that ESL students receive additional timewill not suffice as expressed permission. The FASS office will only accept permission from faculty -- not from students prior to, or the day of exams.

Receiving Exams From FASS

All exams, including ESL and accommodated exams, will be returned to you by the FASS office by 12:00pm the next business day following the exam. When using Exam-4 or MyWCL, you will have the option of printed or electronic pages.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns during the exam period, please contact the FASS Department at 202-274-4135 or email at exams@wcl.american.edu. For any needs or concerns not addressed here, feel free to contact the Office of Academic Affairs, 202-274-4010.