JD Required Courses

LAW-501 Civil Procedure (4 hrs. hrs.) An introduction to the history of American legal institutions, with a consideration of the mechanics of civil litigation in contemporary state and federal court systems. The course also covers the mechanics of civil litigation and the process by which rights and duties studied in the substantive law courses are enforced. Topics may include court jurisdiction, venue, rules of pleading, discovery, joinder of claims and parties, pretrial and posttrial motions, appellate review, and the effects of former adjudication. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provide the focus. Corr, Frost, L. Grossman, Niles, Polikoff, Vaughn (Fall)

LAW-503 Constitutional Law (4 hrs. hrs.) The constitutional and statutory basis of federal courts, judicial review, and constitutional interpretation; the federal system; powers of national government; and rights against national and state governments. Dodd, Hutchinson, Marcus, Raskin, Schwartz, Wermiel (Spring)

LAW-504 Contracts (4 hrs. hrs.) The formation of simple and sealed contracts, offer and acceptance, misrepresentations and mistakes, consideration, third-party beneficiaries, the Statute of Frauds, contract interpretation, assignments, joint and several contracts, performance and excuse for nonperformance, conditions, impossibility of performance, illegality, discharge, and contract remedies. Abramowitz, I. Baker, J. Baker, Haynes, Kovacic-Fleischer, May, Pike, Snyder, Varona (Fall)

LAW-507 Criminal Law (3 hrs. hrs.) Major problems of criminal law as a device for controlling socially undesirable behavior. Intended to give students working knowledge of the legal principles determining criminal liability in light of theories advanced to justify punishment and other methods of correction. Topics may include the nature of crime and its elements, sources of state and federal criminal law, common law and statutory offenses, combinations of persons in crime, defenses, and justifiable and excusable acts or omissions. Davis, Jones, Kittrie, Robbins, Thurschwell (Spring)

LAW-508 Criminal Procedure I (3 hrs. hrs.) Pretrial criminal procedure and constitutional limitations on the use of power under the Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. Topics include arrest; search and seizure; police interrogation, confessions, lineups, and other pretrial identification procedures; use of informants; scope and administration of exclusionary rules; and the rights of indigent defendants to counsel, transcript, and other aids. Aaronson, Boals, Davis, Jones, Kittrie, Schwartz, Thurschwell, Bair, Barbera, Graham, Pan (Fall)

LAW-516 Legal Rhetoric: Writing and Research I (2 hrs. hrs.) and LAW-517 Legal Rhetoric: Writing and Research II (2 hrs.) Students learn the fundamental lawyering skills of legal reasoning, analysis, writing, research, and introductory advocacy and are introduced to fundamental lawyering values. This four-credit, two-semester course is taught intensively in a small group setting. Phelps, Aaron, Aplin, Durrer, Fayhee, Fernandes, Figley, Gardner, Kaplan, Leonardo, Martel, Perlow, Raaf, Ringel, Robins, Spratt, Strauss, Toole, Triplett, Waldman, Willen (Fall, Spring)

LAW-518 Property (4 hrs. hrs.) A survey of the law of real and personal property; possession and present and future estates in land; the relationship between owners of successive interests in land; transmission of ownership between living persons; and conveyancing. Abravanel, Bridgewater, S. Bennett, Burke, Clark, Rosser (Spring)

LAW-522 Torts (4 hrs. hrs.) An analysis of negligent and intentional interference with persons and property; the application of principles of strict liability for dangerous activities and products; defamation; invasions of privacy; and alternative compensation systems. Carle, Dodd, Frost, Hunter, Nicola, Popper, Vaughn (Fall)

LAW-550 Legal Ethics (2-3 hrs. hrs.) An examination of the ethical obligations of the lawyer, including a detailed analysis of the Model Code of Professional Responsibility and the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. S. Bennett, Carle, Chavkin, Dinerstein, B. Miller, B. Smith, Austern, Cox, Glaser, Marshall, Mason, John May, Shipp, C. Smith (Spring)

LAW-580 Introduction to American Legal Institutions (3 hrs. hrs.) Designed for foreign students in the LLM program in international legal studies, the course is a survey of the core substantive areas of American law and the legal profession in the United States. It also provides an overview of Anglo-American common law. Includes intensive, individualized instruction in methods of legal research and writing. Berenson, Schenker (Fall, Spring)