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International Legal Studies Program Courses

Spring 2018 Course Schedule

Use headers to sort and filter listings. Rooms are prefixed with building: Capital, WarreN, and Yuma, followed by floor Terrace-4th
LAW-924-001 U* Advanced Copyright Law & Policy US based IP x 3 Robert Kasunic 5 22 We N104 07:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795EN-001 U* Advanced Energy Law: Current Topics US based Env. x 2 Robert Solomon, Alejandra Nunez 6 22 Mo N104 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-844-001 Advanced Environmental Law: Liability and Torts US based Env.   3 Barry Breen 9 22 Tu NT03 07:25PM 10:15PM
LAW-980-001 U Advanced International Law and Peace Negotiations *Compressed* Instructor permission required HR   3 Paul Williams 19 40 Click course name for details N101    
LAW-795AV-001 Advanced Legal Analysis Designed to teach students about skills needed for the bar exam x 3 Andy Popper, Sarah Stanley 39 100 MoWe Y401 01:00PM 02:20PM
LAW-795AV-002 Advanced Legal Analysis Designed to teach students about skills needed for the bar exam x 3 Amanda Leiter 44 100 TuTh Y401 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-795AV-003 Advanced Legal Analysis Designed to teach students about skills needed for the bar exam x 3 Joni Wiredu 51 100 TuTh NT07 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-795AM-001 Advanced Legal Methods designed to teach students about skills needed for the bar exam x 2 Mark Niles 11 25 Tu Y402 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795AM-003 Advanced Legal Methods *CANCELLED* designed to teach students about skills needed for the bar exam   2 Mark Gross     CANCELLED      
LAW-929G-001 Advanced Legal Writing: Gender & Law Gender x 2 Teresa Phelps 2 14 Tu NT02 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795IV-001 U Advanced Research: International Investment Law Seminar Arb., Bus., Trade x 2 Srilal Perera 8 15 Mo C217 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-614-001 U Alternative Dispute Resolution
This course has a Wait List (2)
Arb. x 3 Ariel Eckblad 17 18 Tu YT14 07:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-614-002 Alternative Dispute Resolution Arb. x 3 John Henderson 17 18 MoWe C217 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-795AN-001 Animal and Wildlife Law US based x 3 Alan Nemeth, Addie Haughey 18 22 Th N105 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-858-001 U* Aviation Law: Domestic & International Aspects Bus. x 2 James Devall 9 22 We Y250 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-727-001 Banking & Financial Institutions: International Regulation Bus. x 2 Gerard Comizio 15 22 Th N104 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-972-001 Bilateral Investment Treaty Arbitration (CANCELLED) Arb., Bus., Trade   2 Nigel Blackaby, Lindsay Gastrell, Caroline Richard     CANCELLED      
LAW-976-001 Business Immigration Law x 2 Ur Jaddou 8 35 Tu N101 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-623-001 Copyright IP   3 Michael Carroll 38 65 TuTh Y403 02:30PM 03:50PM
LAW-856-001 Corporate Finance Bus. x 3 Alan Jacobs 11 22 Mo Y404 09:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-754-008 Externship: International Legal Studies (LLM Only)   Melanija Radnovic 9          
LAW-636-001 Family Law NY Bar Gender   3 Marcia Kuntz 28 65 TuTh N102 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-636-002 Family Law NY Bar Gender   3 Macarena Saez 24 65 MoWe NT07 02:30PM 03:50PM
LAW-725B-001 U* Gender, Cultural Differences, and International Human Rights Seminar Gender, HR   3 Sherizaan Minwalla 16 22 Tu NT03 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-739A-001 U Human Rights & Terrorism Seminar HR x 3 Robert Goldman 19 30 TuTh Y115 10:00AM 11:20AM
LAW-795HR-001 Human Rights: Global Disability Rights HR x 2 Janet Lord, Eric Rosenthal 5 22 Tu N104 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-655-001 Immigration & Naturalization US based x 3 David McConnell 39 65 Th YT17 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-670-002 Intellectual Property IP   3 Michael Carroll 21 65 TuTh NT08 06:00PM 07:20PM
LAW-962A-001 Intellectual Property Licensing & Technology Agreements
This course has a Wait List (4)
IP x 3 Pamela Deese 7 20 Mo Y403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-795IT-001 Intellectual Property Practice at the USITC IP   2 Andrew Riley, Anthony Del Monaco 5 22 Tu Y404 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-808-001 International Business & Human Rights Business; Human Rights x 2 Diane Orentlicher 15 22 Th C317 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-990-001 International Business Negotiations Bus.   3 Robert Lawrence 11 22 Mo YT15 04:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-661-001 International Business Transactions Bus., Trade   3 Susan Franck 20 65 MoWe Y403 02:30PM 03:50PM
LAW-789-001 International Commercial Arbitration: U.S. and Comparative Perspectives Required for Arb. Specialization Bus., Arb.   3 Horacio Grigera-Naon, Claudia Frutos-Peterson 10 40 Mo YT16 08:30AM 11:20AM
LAW-795CP-001 U* International Communications: Regulation & Policy (CANCELLED) x 2 Maury Mechanick     CANCELLED      
LAW-973-001 International Contracts & Sales Arb., Bus. x 3 David Snyder 25 40 MoWe N102 01:00PM 02:20PM
LAW-795DB-001 International Debt Workouts Bus. x 2 Behzad Gohari 9 12 Mo YT14 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795DR-001 International Dispute Resolution Involving Sovereigns Arb., Bus., Trade x 2 David Baron 12 22 Mo N103 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-795IE-001 International Energy Law Env. x 3 Chiara Pappalardo 16 22 We Y404 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-618-001 International Environmental Law Required for Env. Specialization Env., IO x 3 David Hunter 22 40 We Y115 02:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-620-001 U International Humanitarian Law HR x 3 Robert Goldman 17 22 TuTh YT16 03:30PM 04:50PM
LAW-660-001 International Law All 8 specializations x 3 Diane Orentlicher 16 40 MoWe N101 02:30PM 03:50PM
LAW-795LC-001 International Law Commission Practicum   3 Claudio Grossman, Jennifer de Laurentiis 4 11 Th Y404 02:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-657-001 International Trade Law I Required for Trade Specialization Trade   3 Padideh Ala'i 44 65 TuTh NT08 01:30PM 02:50PM
LAW-969-002 U* International Trade Law II Trade x 2 Martin Molinuevo, Michael Jacobson 5 22 We YT16 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-646-001 U* International Trademark Law IP   3 Christine Farley 11 22 MoWe N105 02:00PM 03:20PM
LAW-580-001 Introduction to American Legal Institutions (LLM Only) Required for non-common law trained lawyers; NY Bar   2 William Berenson 14 50 We Y402 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-659-001 Introduction to the Law of the European Union (CANCELLED) IO x 3 Fernanda Nicola            
LAW-775-001 Labor Migration in the Global Economy Gender, HR   3 Janie Chuang 9 22 MoWe C317 02:30PM 03:50PM
LAW-849A-001 Legal Drafting: Contracts US based x 2 Brian Foont 18 22 We N103 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-096-001 Legal English for Lawyers not-for-credit; additional cost; required for anyone with a TOEFL less than 93 x 0 Marleen Hein-Dunne 5 22 TuTh NT03 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-550-007 Legal Ethics NY Bar   2 Christopher Gowen 5 65 Mo N102 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-001 Legal Ethics
This course has a Wait List (1)
NY Bar x 2 Claire Donohue 75 75 Mo YT17 02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-550-002 Legal Ethics NY Bar   2 William Berenson 53 65 Th NT07 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-550-003 Legal Ethics NY Bar x 2 Jonathan Lawlor 1 67 Tu YT17 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-550-004 Legal Ethics NY Bar x 2 Leon Fresco 65 65 We N102 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-550-005 Legal Ethics NY Bar   2 Dolores Dorsainvil, Clay Smith 1 65 Tu Y401 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-550-008 Legal Ethics *CANCELLED* NY Bar   2 William Berenson     CANCELLED      
LAW-550-006 Legal Ethics *Saturday* NY Bar x 2 John Szabo 15 65 S N102 09:30AM 11:20AM
LAW-580-002 Legal Research & Writing (LLM Only) *Meets some Fridays* Required for non-common law first semester students; NY Bar   2 Catherine Schenker, Rachel Gordon 15 50 Mo N103 11:30AM 12:50PM
LAW-517-008 Legal Rhetoric II Designed to teach students about skills needed for the bar exam x 2 Heather Ridenour 23 24 We Y402 02:30PM 04:20PM
LAW-635-001 National Security Law x 2 Rebecca Hamilton 21 22 Tu Y250 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-795FL-001 U Principles of French Law x 2 Renaud Beauchard 4 22 Mo NT03 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-725C-001 Regional Approaches to Human Rights HR   3 Juan Mendez 11 22 MoWe N104 01:00PM 02:20PM
LAW-795ER-001 Regulation of Emerging Robotics Automation & Artificial Intelligence   2 Ken Anderson 15 22 We N104 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-978-001 U* Responses of International Law to Conflict-Based Sexual and Gender Violence HR, Gender x 2 Susana Sacouto 18 22 Tu Y250 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-639A-001 Taxation of Business Entities x 3 Andrew Weiner 16 22 MoWe N102 04:30PM 05:50PM
LAW-795IC-001 The Rights of Non-citizens: The Impact of Citizenship Status on Human & Civil Rights in the US HR x 2 Anita Sinha 19 22 We NT02 10:00AM 11:50AM
LAW-795TM-001 Trademark Practice & Procedure *Compressed* US based IP x 1 Stephanie Bald 10 22 Click course name for details C217    
LAW-795TC-001 U* Transnational Crime and the State HR x 2 David Warner 8 22 We Y250 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-581-001 U.S. Business Law (LLM Only) NY Bar Arb.; Bus.   3 Ralph Dipietro 19 22 Tu YT17 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-504-001L U.S. Contracts (LLM only) NY Bar Bus., Arb., Trade   3 Peter Odom 15 60 Th Y403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-795EX-001 U.S. Export Controls & Economic Sanctions Bus., Trade x 2 Douglas Jacobson, Kaveh Miremadi 20 22 Th C217 06:00PM 07:50PM