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International Legal Studies Program Courses

Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Use headers to sort and filter listings. Rooms are prefixed with building: Capital, WarreN, and Yuma, followed by floor Terrace-4th
LAW-739B-001 U Advanced Human Rights HR   3 Juan Mendez 8 22 MW Y236 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-795L-001 Advanced International Advocacy Seminar   2 Catherine Newcombe 3 6 W Y250 07:30PM 09:30PM
LAW-795PW-001 Advanced Legal Writing: Intellectual Property IP x 2 Sean Fiil-Flynn 12 22 W N100C 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-679A-001 Advanced Research Seminar on International Investment and Commercial Law Arb.; Bus.;Trade and Investment   2 Susan Franck 7 14 T Y250 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-614-001 Alternative Dispute Resolution Arb. x 3 Mark Gilday 16 16 W Y404 07:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-614-002 Alternative Dispute Resolution Arb. x 3 John Henderson 16 18 M N105 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-580-001 American Legal Institutions (LLM Only) NY Bar; Required in 1st semester for non common law trained lawyers   2 Billie Jo Kaufman 20 65 F N100C 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-656-001 Asylum & Refugee Law HR x 3 David McConnell 37 65 Th Y402 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-724A-002 Banking and Financial Institutions: U.S. Regulation Bus. x 2 Gerard Comizio 44 46 T Y402 08:00PM 09:50PM
LAW-851-001 Climate Change & the Law Env. x 3 William Snape 14 22 T NT02 02:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-813-001 Comparative Environmental Law Env.   3 David Hunter 20 22 W YT16 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-619A-001 U Comparative Family Law Gender   2 Macarena Saez 16 22 Th NT03 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-619-001 Comparative Law (CANCELLED moved to Spring 2019)   3 Fernanda Nicola     Cancelled      
LAW-856-001 Corporate Finance Bus. x 3 Alan Jacobs 16 22 M NT03 09:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-667-001 Cyberlaw IP   2 Michael Carroll 66 75 W Y116 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-629-001 Environmental Law US based Env.   3 Barry Breen 17 45 M N101 07:25PM 10:15PM
LAW-659A-001 EU Law, Policy & Diplomacy x 2 Fernanda Nicola 12 22 W NT03 09:00AM 10:50AM
LAW-754-008 Externship: International Legal Studies LLM   1-6 Melanija Radnovic 4          
LAW-636-001 Family Law NY Bar; US based Gender x 3 Ann Shalleck 40 65 TuTh Y402 03:30PM 04:50PM
LAW-676A-002 Gender & International/Comparative Law Gender   2 Josephine Dawuni 5 22 T N104 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-626-001 Human Rights HR   3 Diego Rodriguez-Pinzon, Claudia Martin 13 65 MW N103 02:30PM 03:50PM
LAW-739A-001 U Human Rights & Terrorism Seminar HR   3 Robert Goldman 15 22 TuTh N105 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-795Q-001 Human Rights and Environment Env.; HR   2 Katharine Redford 12 22 M Y236 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-967-001 Immigration Issues: Family & Employment
This course has a Wait List (2)
HR x 2 Benjamin Mark Moss 23 25 T N101 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-835-001 International ADR: Global Sovereign Disputes Practicum Arb., Trade and Investment   3 Charles Kotuby, Luke Sobota 21 22 M C317 03:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-808-001 U* International Business & Human Rights Bus.; HR.   2 Diane Orentlicher 17 22 W NT02 10:30AM 12:20PM
LAW-990-001 U* International Business Negotiations Bus.   3 Robert Lawrence 15 15 Th* NT02 04:00PM 06:50PM
LAW-973-001 International Contracts & Sales Arb.;Bus.;Trade x 3 David Snyder 25 40 MW N101 10:00AM 11:20AM
LAW-850-001 International Criminal Law HR   2 Susana Sacouto 20 22 T Y404 01:30PM 03:20PM
LAW-795CL-001 U International Criminal Law Practicum (Permission Required) HR   3 Susana Sacouto 8 9 M Y235 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-620-001 U International Humanitarian Law HR   3 Robert Goldman 17 22 TuTh C317 03:30PM 04:50PM
LAW-660-001 International Law All 8 specializations   3 Rebecca Hamilton 32 45 TuTh YT17 09:00AM 10:20AM
LAW-662-001 International Organizations & Multilateral Institutions   2 Diane Orentlicher 18 22 M NT03 02:00PM 03:50PM
LAW-657-001 International Trade Law I Required for Trade Specialization   3 Padideh Ala'i 44 50 TuTh Y400 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-927-001 International Trafficking in Persons Gender; HR   3 Janie Chuang 30 65 MW Y402 11:00AM 12:20PM
LAW-789-001 Intl Commercial Arbitration Required for Arb. Specialization Arb.; Bus.   3 Horacio Grigera-Naon, Claudia Frutos-Peterson 13 40 T N101 08:30AM 11:20AM
LAW-795IA-001 IP Practice in Federal Agency trade; IP x 3 James Toupin 16 22 T N105 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-822-001 Law, Policy & American Intelligence Activities
This course has a Wait List (3)
  3 Rita Siemion, James Zirkle 24 24 Th Y250 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-849D-001 Legal Drafting: International Contracts Bus. x 2 Mike Cavanaugh 25 27 M N101 04:00PM 05:50PM
LAW-580-002 Legal Research & Writing (LLM Only) NY Bar; Required in 1st semester for non common law trained lawyers   2 Celeste Greenwood   65 MF Y116 11:30AM 12:50PM
LAW-685-001 Oil and Gas Law
This course has a Wait List (3)
US based Env. x 2 Benjamin Nussdorf 28 28 T Y115 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-688-001 Patent Law IP x 3 Jonas Anderson 42 65 MW Y403 11:00AM 12:20PM
LAW-795F-001 U Prevention of Genocide HR   2 Juan Mendez 15 22 W C217 12:30PM 02:20PM
LAW-707C-001 Problems in the Democratic Process: The Right to Vote HR   2 Herman Schwartz 11 22 W Y236 03:00PM 04:50PM
LAW-997-001 Strategic Litigation in International Human Rights: Theory & Practice HR   2 Macarena Saez 17 22 W N104 06:00PM 07:50PM
LAW-779-001 Trade Secrets
This course has a Wait List (3)
IP   2 Jonas Anderson 26 22 M Y115 01:00PM 02:50PM
LAW-609-001 Trademark Law IP x 3 Christine Farley 58 65 MW Y402 09:30AM 10:50AM
LAW-504-002L U.S. Contracts (LLM Only) Business; Arbitration x 3 James May 11 25 TTh NT03 10:30AM 11:50AM
LAW-507-001L U.S. Criminal Law (LLM Only) NY Bar x 3 Benjamin Miller 16 65 M Y403 06:00PM 08:50PM
LAW-809-002 United States Trade Regime Trade   3 Matthew Nicely, John Magnus 16 20 Th Y236 07:00PM 09:50PM