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Tech, Law & Security Seminar: Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity Law (LAW-795TS-001)
Melanie Teplinsky

Meets: 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM (T) - Yuma - Room Y403

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Despite decades of work and billions of dollars of investment, the nation’s cybersecurity problem is getting worse. Cyberthieves, hacktivists, and nation-state actors—most notably Russia, China, Iran and North Korea—routinely leverage the U.S.’s cyber vulnerabilities to steal valuable data and intellectual property, disrupt key infrastructure, and disseminate disinformation. America is struggling not only to address the serious technical challenges of cybersecurity, but also to develop the comprehensive legal and policy frameworks necessary to keep its computer systems and electronic data safe. This weekly two-hour Tech, Law & Security seminar will challenge students to address some of the most pressing cybersecurity law and policy questions facing our nation today. Using a combination of lectures, class discussions, case studies, and student presentations, students will critically examine key cybersecurity law topics of consequence to our national and economic security. They include the legal and policy frameworks governing: critical infrastructure cybersecurity, defense industrial base cybersecurity, the U.S.’s response to the Chinese cyberespionage threat, ransomware response, botnet investigation and disruption, supply chain cybersecurity, the cybersecurity of cryptocurrency and other digital assets, and digital identity. This course is part of the Tech, Law & Security Program (TLS) curriculum at AUWCL that explores the challenges and opportunities posed by rapidly changing technology. With the professor’s permission, this course may be used to meet the WCL Upper Level Writing Requirement. No prior technical knowledge is required for this course.

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