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False Claims in Healthcare Ind (Online, Compressed) (LAW-719B1-E001)
Erica Kraus

Meets: 09:00 AM - 02:00 PM (Sa) - Room Online

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This course will meet on Zoom on March 4th and 25th from 9am – 2pm ET, with 30 minute breaks each day and 3 additional hours of asynchronous material.


The civil False Claims Act was initially developed during the Civil War in response to war profiteering by military contractors who attempted to defraud the government. After many years and significant amendments along the way, the False Claims Act has become a very powerful fraud and enforcement tool for the government in its effort to combat fraud, waste, and abuse - especially in the health care and pharmaceutical industries. This course will review the elements of the False Claims Act and consider enforcement, compliance, defense strategies, and qui tam provisions with an emphasis on health care and pharmaceutical applications. The teaching strategies for this course will include readings, lecture, group discussions and mock hypothetical exercises.

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