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Asylum & Refugee Law (Online, LLM Only) (LAW-656-E003)
Richard Wilson

Meets: 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM (M)

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This is a course about the law relating to refugees and asylum-seekers, with particular focus on dimensions of international human rights implicated in the determination of that legal status. It includes international and comparative perspectives, particularly from Europe. The course will examine a global overview of the legal categories associated with the movement of populations, both within and between countries, both forced and voluntary. It will the analyze the legal protections afforded to migrants when they are displaced, either outside of their country of origin or internally. It will also closely examine the legal elements of the refugee definition through legislation, administrative rules and case law, particularly from the United States. It will examine the components of successful claims for refugee and/or asylum status, and it will also cover the limitations or bars to asylum eligibility. Finally, it will expose students to the adjudication of refugee and asylum cases, including interviews, administrative adjudications and judicial appeals. It may, within the limitations of remote teaching, allow students to engage in simulation exercises, and it will use other media, such as film, video, blogs and other social media, as supplements to readings.

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