Spring 2022 Course Schedule

Regulatory Law & Policy (LAW-872-001)
Seth Grossman

Meets: 09:00 AM - 10:50 AM (W) - Warren - Room NT03

Enrolled: 10 / Limit: 22

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This course provides an overview of the regulatory process, including the rationale for regulatory programs and reasons for ending or deregulating them, how and why Congress creates or abolishes agencies, how agencies administer their statutory programs, and alternatives to traditional regulations. In addition, it will consider business regulation as a way to address market failures, including natural monopoly, externalities, or problems arising from costly or asymmetric information.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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Jud Mathews, Administrative Law (2020) (open source, available on myWCL) (Note: The page numbers for the textbook in the syllabus refer to the actual page numbers on the document, which differ from the page numbers for the PDF, so pay close attention.)

First Class Readings

  • Congressional Research Service, Organizing Executive Branch Agencies: Who Makes the Call?, Pages 1-2(available on myWCL)
  • Robert Longley, What to Know About Presidential Appointments, Pages 1-3 (available on myWCL)
  • Karen Hult, Staffing Up, Why It Matters Whom the President Hires, Pages 1-8 (available on myWCL)
  • Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies from Reince Priebus ,Chief of Staff to President Trump (available on myWCL)
  • Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies from Ronald Klain, Chief of Staff to President Biden (available here)
  • Optional

  • The 2008 Transition and What Lies Ahead for 2020,Center for Presidential Transition podcast, available to listen here
  • Biden in Action: The First 100 Days – Biden compared to prior presidents (available here)


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