Spring 2018 Course Schedule

Animal and Wildlife Law (LAW-795AN-001)
Alan Nemeth, Addie Haughey

Meets: 06:00 PM - 08:50 PM (Th) - Warren - Room N105

Enrolled: 18 / Limit: 22

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Animal law and wildlife law are unique in that they focus on how the law applies to living beings other than humans. Both of these fields of law are dynamic and continue to grow as lawyers attempt to find new ways to further extend legal rights to non-human beings. While these two areas of law contain some overlap, such as challenges in demonstrating legal standing, there are significant differences in scope of these two fields. Accordingly this course will be taught in two parts. In the animal law part, animal welfare, torts, first amendment issues, animals used in commercial settings, criminal law, and property law are some of the issues that will be discussed. In the wildlife law part, endangered species, marine mammals, fisheries, and state versus federal control of wildlife are among the issues that will be discussed. This course will encourage students to creatively apply existing legal doctrine and to craft new legal approaches to these rapidly growing fields of law.

As with any growing and dynamic area of the law, reading cases and applying existing law and legal thought doesn’t always provide a comprehensive learning experience. This class will be very interactive with much discussion. Students will be assigned cases and readings to lead the class discussions. There will be one group project designed to promote creative thinking and the application of laws to the various issues affecting animals.

Student Evaluation: Class participation will account for 25% of your grade. Class projects will account for 25% of your grade. The final will account for 50% of your grade.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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Animal Law – Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition, by Bruce A. Wagman, Sonia S. Waisman, Pamela D. Frasch

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