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Global Corruption & Rights (LAW-795CR-001)
Keith Henderson

Meets: 01:00 PM - 02:50 PM (M) - Room N104

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This multidisciplinary course is geared towards preparing students for work in the international law & development sphere, including practical compliance oriented work for international organizations, UNCAC countries and international businesses (there are over 170 UNCAC signatory countries). Legal work in this arena is an emerging area of practice in both the developed and developing world. The course is mainly focused on learning the content of the law related to both corruption and rights issues and how to analyze them through the prism of multiple stakeholders. The UNCAC is now just beginning to be implemented in over 170 countries, following over 60 years of on-going but only partial implementation of the UDHR. This is the only course of its kind being offered at any law school anywhere that links-up key universal human rights under the UDHR and corruption issues under the UNCAC through the prism of multiple stakeholders.

Most law students, lawyers, human rights advocates and businesses do not know there is now a global best practices framework for addressing and preventing corruption and human rights. These global legal norms and best practices principles are still in their nascent implementation stages. Lawyers who learn and understand their impact on the global legal and compliance landscape, including emerging FCPA's and numerous private sector mandates and best practices, will learn unique valuable analytical skills that will set them apart from other law students and practitioners. Lawyers and advocates interested in promoting and preventing human rights will also learn how the UNCAC can help them prevent and address Rights issues in a sustainable manner.

The course builds upon the model global UNCAC course co-developed by this professor and UNODC/Vienna, which can be found on the UNODC website: www.unodc.org/track. That course also includes a fairly comprehensive research bibliography on a broader range of anti-corruption, rule of law and governance topics (www.unodc.org/TRACK).

The UNCAC is slowly but surely changing the global legal and governance landscape for multiple stakeholders, including businesses, law firms, government and private sector institutions, donors and human rights and anti-corruption organizations and advocates. Among other things, having this knowledge and learning how to use these skills will enable students to not only know and holistically analyze the law and corruption issues in theory, it will also enable students to analyze how the law and corruption and Rights plays out in practice. Special emphasis will be placed on corruption issues and actual cases in the United States and the BRICS countries, such as China, India, Brazil and Russia, & breaking events.

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