Fall 2016 Course Schedule

US Constitutional Law (LLM ONLY) (LAW-503-002)

Meets: 06:30 PM - 09:20 PM (T) - Room NT02

Enrolled: 21 / Limit: 28

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LLM only


This course will introduce students to some of the foundational concepts and questions of United States constitutional jurisprudence. We will begin by considering the nature and function of a constitution in general, along with prominent methods of constitutional interpretation that have played an important role in American constitutional jurisprudence. We will then consider, as the focus of our study, two core aspects of the U.S. Constitution: its provision for government structure and the allocation of power, and its protections for individual rights.

Textbooks and Other Materials

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See syllabus, linked below, for a list of required materials.

First Class Readings

The U.S. Constitution, including all amendments (Supp.)

The Federalist #10, #51, #78 (Supp.)

Judicial review and the function of a constitution: Marbury v. Madison (Supp.)

The original Bill of Rights and the States: Barron v. Baltimore (Supp.)

Slavery and the Civil War Amendments (Kluger 26-27, 40-49)

Note (excerpt from McDonald v. City of Chicago) on the “incorporation” of the Bill of Rights (Supp.)

The Carolene Products footnote and a new mandate for the Court (Supp.)


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